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Koinly is the leading crypto tax solution used by investors, traders & CPAs around the globe.

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"Wish I had found Koinly last year, finally got my tax report in order. Amazing support & amazing software."

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"Team is very effective, helped me import my transactions from cryptopia. Very simple and easy to use. A++"

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Global Platform

Available in 20+ countries

Koinly can generate tax reports for any country that accepts FIFO, LIFO and Average Cost accounting methods. This includes almost every country on earth!

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Expert Guidance

Reliable & complete tax reports

Koinly was developed in collaboration with renowned tax consultants from KPMG to ensure all generated reports are compliant with relevant tax laws.

Capital Gains Report

Generate capital gains reports using 5+ years of historical market data for over 6000 currencies.

Income & Gifts

Generate a report for your income from mining, staking, loans etc. Also generate reports for gifted, donated and lost/stolen coins.

Margin Trades, Options & Futures

Koinly can handle margin trades on a number of exchanges such as BitMex, Bybit, Binance Futures, Bitfinex & others

Audit Logs

Fully compliant & comprehensive transaction logs in case you are ever audited. Detailed cost-basis calculations.

TaxAct, TurboTax & Xero

Easily export your transactions to other tax filing systems.

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Auto imports

Easily sync your data

Koinly makes it dead simple to import data from your exchange accounts, wallets and public addresses using API, public keys and CSV files.







Tax Dashboard

Never overpay on your taxes

Koinly is not just a tax calculator. We have built an advanced portfolio tracker centered around taxes to help reduce your tax bill.

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Tax Loss Harvesting

Koinly highlights your end-of-year tax loss harvesting opportunities.

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Tax Impact

See how your trades will affect your taxes before you make them.

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