Crypto tax reports that are compliant with local laws

Crypto tax nightmares? Koinly has you covered with reliable crypto tax reports for over 20 countries! From the US to Japan and everywhere in between, Koinly is trusted by crypto investors all around the world.

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11+ Country Reports

  • USA IRS Form 8949
  • USA IRS Schedule D
  • Australia ATO MyTax Report
  • UK HMRC Capital Gains Summary
  • Canada CRA Schedule 3
  • Sweden Blankett K4
  • France Formulaire 2086
  • Finland Lomale 9
  • Denmark Skattestyrelsen Fortjeneste
  • Norway Skatteetaten RF1159
  • Swiss FTA/ESTV Valuation Report

15+ Specialized Reports

  • Complete Tax Report
  • Turbotax Report
  • TaxAct Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Capital Gains Report
  • Income Report
  • Other Gains Report
  • Gifts, Donations & Lost Assets
  • Expenses Report
  • End of Year Holdings Report
  • Beginning of Year Holdings Report
  • Highest Balance Report
  • Asset Summary Report
  • Buy Sell Report
  • Transaction History
Koinly IRS crypto tax report for US investors

Pre-filled IRS Form 8949 & Schedule D

Need a crypto or Bitcoin tax report? Koinly can generate a pre-filled Form 8949 & Schedule D, ready to file with the IRS. Got crypto income too? Grab Koinly's Income Tax Report for the figures you need for your tax return, Schedule 1 (Form 1040).

  • Pre-filled Form 8949 with details of each disposal.
  • Pre-filled Schedule D with your net capital gains & losses.
  • Income Tax Report for any crypto income.
  • IRS compliant and accurate.
  • FIFO, HIFO & LIFO methods.
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File with TurboTax? Easy with Koinly

Prefer to file with TurboTax instead of fighting your way through endless IRS forms? No problem. Koinly has a dedicated TurboTax Report you can simply download and upload to your TurboTax account when filing - with formatted files for both TurboTax online and TurboTax desktop. Better still, we have dedicated help content and videos to show you exactly how to file with TurboTax, whether you live in the USA or Canada.

  • TurboTax Canada
  • TurboTax USA
  • TurboTax online
  • TurboTax desktop (CD & DVD)
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Australia? Get your ATO myTax report

Koinly's AT0 myTax report includes the exact figures you need to copy and paste from your report, straight into myTax, including your capital gains (before losses or deductions), net capital gains after losses and your net capitaL gains after the 50% long-term CGT discount.

  • FIFO, HIFO & LIFO methods.
  • Capital gains summary
  • Other gains summary
  • Income summary
  • Expenses summary
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Koinly HMRC Crypto tax report

UK? Get your HMRC Capital Gains Summary

Koinly's HMRC Capital Gains Summary can help you report your UK capital gains and losses in no time at all. If you also have additional income you need to file with your Self Assessment come January, download the Complete Tax Report instead. Alternatively, if you use the Real Time Capital Gains Tax Service, you can use Koinly to track and report your each transaction in real time, every step of the way.

  • HMRC compliant and accurate
  • HMRC Capital Gains Summary Report
  • Complete Tax Report
  • Share Pooling method for individuals & companies
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Canada? Get your Schedule 3

Whether you're filing with paper forms, online with the CRA service or via TurboTax, Koinly can help with a variety of tax reports for Canadian crypto investors including the Schedule 3, Complete Tax Report and TurboTax Report. All calculated using the CRA approved adjusted cost basis method.

  • CRA compliant and accurate
  • CRA Schedule 3
  • Complete Tax Report
  • Adjusted Cost Basis method
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Download France Formulaire 2086 from Koinly

Reports for Sweden, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden & Switzerland

Whether you're a taxpayer based in France, Finland or anywhere between, there's a good chance that cryptocurrency is taxed in your country. Koinly offers several specialised crypto tax reports for many European countries, as well as our Complete Crypto Tax report, which can be used to file just about anywhere.

  • France Formulaire 2086
  • Finland Lomale 9
  • Denmark Skattestyrelsen Fortjeneste
  • Norway Skatteetaten RF1159
  • Sweden Blankett K4
  • Swiss FTA/ESTV Valuation Report
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Koinly supports these countries

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Czech Republic
South Korea
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Need something else? Koinly offers 15+ specialised reports

Need to know your end of year holdings? Or, get a copy of your transaction history from a specific year? Koinly has you covered with a stack of reports that slice and dice the numbers just how you need them.

All in One reporting

Complete Tax Report

Koinly's Complete Tax Report is covers almost everything you'd need to report about your crypto to your tax office - but perhaps you want a dedicated end of year holdings report to help you calculate your overall asset wealth for a Wealth Tax, or you want to hand over a buys/sells report to your accountant if you're a trader. Well, with Koinly, it's no problem. We've got a variety of other crypto tax reports you can download, for your individual needs and circumstances.

  • Transaction History
  • Capital Gains Report
  • Income Report
  • Gifts, Donations & Lost Assets Report
  • Expenses Report
  • End of Year Holdings Report
  • PDF
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Crypto earnings

Crypto Income Report

Whether you're mining crypto in the Alps, or leveraging interest bearing crypto instruments poolside, Koinly Crypto Income Report lists all your crypto income for any given period of time. This includes income from Airdrops, Forks, Staking Rewards, DeFi and other crypto income transactions.

  • Detailed crypto earnings
  • Supports DeFi
  • CSV file
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crypto gains and losses

Crypto capital gains report

How is your net capital gains and losses affected by their crypto investments? Koinly works with CPAs specializing in crypto worldwide to understand how crypto assets are taxed in each country. Koinly's details capital gains report is available as downloadable CSV file. It covers:

  • Long term and short term disposals.
  • Asset pools
  • Capital losses
  • CSV file
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Every asset accounted

Beginning & End of Year Holdings Report

Being audit-proof means having every crypto asset accounted for. Koinly's crypto tax report includes both Beginning and End of Year Balances, to clearly show you what your crypto holdings are at the end of their tax year. View the value of your holdings along with their acquisition costs, and let Koinly work out any necessary currency conversions for you - so that your report makes sense for the country their filing in.

  • End of Year Holdings Report
  • Beginning of Year Holdings Report
  • CSV file
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Comprehensive reporting

Gifts, Donations, Expenses, Asset Summaries and more

A crypto tax report details all of your cryptocurrency transactions – deposits, trades, or withdrawals you’ve made – during the tax year you want to file for, from every platform you’ve used. Koinly's range of specialized crypto reports, available as downloadable CSV files, cover your gains, losses, gifts, donations, expenses and absolutely everything you need to accurately report your crypto profit.

  • Transaction Report
  • Other Gains Report
  • Gifts, Donations & Lost Assets
  • Expenses Report
  • Highest Balance Report
  • Asset Summary Report
  • Buy Sell Report
  • Transaction History
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Reliable & accurate cryptocurrency tax reports

Koinly is developed in close collaboration with tax firms around the world to ensure we comply with all the applicable tax laws as they relate to cryptocurrency.

  • Multiple cost-basis methods. Choose between FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, Average Cost, Share Pooling & Spec ID. Defaults to the recommended method in your home country
  • Universal or Wallet-based cost tracking. Keep track of your costs in a universal pool shared across all connected wallets or separately for each wallet
  • Smart transfer matching. Koinly uses AI to detect transfers between your own wallets and keep track of your original costs
  • Form 8949, Schedule D. For US taxpayers, Koinly can generate all the forms you need to file your crypto taxes
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