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Koinly’s industry leading crypto tax software offers all the tools you need to impress your crypto investor clients & catapult your business revenue.

  • Accurate crypto gains reporting

  • Import data from 700+ integrations

  • Manage multiple clients from one account

  • DeFi, NFTs, Futures, Margin Trading

  • Reports for ATO, IRS, HMRC, CRA & more

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Koinly is packed with tools and features that make it easy for you to boost your crypto tax offering, while making life simple for you and your clients. It's a win for your clients and a win for your bottom line!

🚀 Tap into the lucrative crypto market

Grow your business by using Koinly’s market leading software to offer professional cryptocurrency tax services to millions of crypto investors worldwide.

📈 Track and calculate taxes in minutes

Koinly allows you to track client transactions easier and faster from 17000+ crypto currencies and +700 integrations, allowing you to make the best use of your time.

👨‍💼 Keep up-to-date as laws change

Koinly lets you stay on top of the tax implications of every new crypto product, empowering you to steer your clients in the right direction and generate audit proof reports.

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When you join Koinly, you'll get world-class support for free! No waiting in queues or paying to get help; that's why Koinly is the highest rated crypto tax software on TrustPilot.

Koinly is the most powerful crypto tax app for accountants

Crypto tax is complex work. Koinly is the world's leading crypto tax solution with impressive tools built for accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers and tax agents like you.

"Koinly is a platform that any accountant can use which has changed the way we manage our crypto clients.

"It has saved us time, which has saved us money and enabled us to have more meaningful conversations with our clients."

Ben Schaefer
Head of New Accounts, Accounts and Legal

"We have been using many softwares, but when we got Koinly it was much easier because the interface is user friendly and we have a lot of integrations. Since we got Koinly, we have doubled our client-base. This is because Koinly allows us to serve more crypto clients quickly and accurately."

"We’ve been working with Crypto clients for years and back then, it was an incredibly painful experience until we started using Koinly. Koinly does all the calculations behind the scenes which frees me up to do more strategic work and offer the best services to my clients."

"Koinly is the best software you don’t yet know you need. It has changed the way we manage our Crypto clients and improved our ability to help clients make more strategic business decisions. Not only has Koinly created cost savings for us, it has also improved the output of our work. "

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Over 6,000 accountants choose Koinly to solve their crypto tax challenges and empower their businesses. Start a free trial and discover Koinly's crypto tax expertise for yourself!

Manage multiple clients

Use a single Koinly account to track crypto trades in dedicated, secure portfolios. Add as many clients as you need!

23,000+ crypto currencies

Whether your client is a 'traditional' bitcoin buyer or dabbling in every coin under the sun, we track them all.

400+ exchanges

Are your clients buying crypto from multiple exchanges? We connect automatically to Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Gemini, Bittrex & hundreds more.

10+ years of prices

Accuracy in the crypto to fiat conversion is crucial. We offer historical crypto and fiat spot prices to ensure your client's conversions and costs are correct.

Multiple cost-basis methods

Choose between FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, Average Cost, Share Pooling & Spec ID. Koinly defaults to the recommended method in your client's home country.

Audit-proof reports

Koinly can generate all the forms you need to file your client's crypto taxes. Including the US Form 8949, Schedule D.

Import transactions from over 700 integrations

Crypto reporting is a complex beast. If you're tired of manually wading through endless crypto statements and transaction records, then Koinly is your new best friend. Because Koinly offers seamless integration with a staggering 700+ exchanges, wallets and blockchains, every one of your clients transactions is easily gathered into a central dashboard for accurate analysis. Kiss those spreadsheets goodbye!

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Koinly integrates with crypto exchanges, blockchains, wallets and services.

Rely on automation to prevent errors

No client wants to pay more tax than they have to, right? Yet when it comes to crypto, there simply aren't enough billable hours in a day to scour thousands of transactions for the truth: was the transaction a transfer, a taxable disposal, a loss, or a source of income? Thankfully, Koinly uses AI to trace and match every transaction on the blockchain, and automatically tag transactions correctly. Say farewell to missing trades, incorrect gains and inaccurate tax reports. With Koinly, audit-proof reporting is the aim of the game.

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Koinly tracks ethereum transaction securely to calculate your taxable income from ETH

Use powerful tools to make DeFi tax a breeze

At Koinly, we understand the importance of getting DeFi right. As the world of crypto trading continues to evolve, Koinly is right there at every milestone, providing the tools and insights you need to stay on top of your game. Whether your client is providing liquidity on SushiSwap or staking CAKE on PancakeSwap, Koinly can handle it - and whatever comes next.

  • NFTs

  • Staking 

  • Liquidity

  • Yield Farming

  • Interest

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Use Koinly to label your transactions accurately for  correct tax treatment

Add value year-round with portfolio tracking

Offering a professional crypto tax consultancy is not just about lodging annual income returns, it's about providing year-round advice that your crypto clients will come to depend upon. Koinly is a crypto tax calculator and portfolio tracker in one! Simply use Koinly to easily track your clients' investment and help them spot tax loss harvesting opportunities and more. It's easy to look good with Koinly! Why not give us a try?

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Koinly tracks your crypto portfolio

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Are you a crypto tax professional? Apply to list your cryptocurrency accounting services on Koinly's global directory now. It's free!

Popular questions

What is Koinly?

Koinly is an all in one crypto tax calculator and portfolio tracker that helps you to calculate and generate reliable and accurate tax reports for your accounting clients – in minutes.

Are you calculating realized or unrealized gains?

Koinly calculates both - if you’re holding, then on the dashboard you can view your portfolio unrealised gains/losses. If disposals have taken place in a tax year, then realised gains/losses are reported in the Tax Summary (aggregated) - to get a detailed Tax report, this needs to be downloaded (paid). 

Is Koinly’s software local tax compliant?

Yes. Koinly works with local crypto experts to create tax reports that are tax office compliant and based on local tax laws. When you select your client's home country, Koinly will tally and summarize crypto capital gains and losses in a way that abides by the local tax rules and accounting methods, and in the currency of your choice!

What is covered in my free trial?

All of Koinly’s powerful features. You get to explore and get comfortable with the software before you buy. No credit card required and for all of 30 days.

How do you deal with coins that are not bought from exchanges?

Ultimately whether you buy your coins through a CEX, DEX or peer to peer, a wallet (hot or cold, custodial or non-custodial) is involved in the transaction - so long as you connect your wallet to Koinly, the transactions can be synced or a CSV transaction file can be uploaded into Koinly. 

How much support can you provide my team?

We consistently release guides and articles designed to educate and empower Accountants and tax advisors alike - not just with theory - but how to use practical tools like Koinly effectively to execute client affairs in the Crypto taxes space. We also have a support team and teams of account executives that are available to support you at every point. Crypto tax can be confusing to say the least. Led by our in-house Heads of Tax, we produce practical guides and resources to help tax professionals steer their clients in the right direction. Visit Koinly's dedicated Accountant Hub for local tax guides and information on regulatory updates. With Koinly on your side, crypto tax is a piece of cake!

Does Koinly work with multiple clients?

Yes. It's easy to get clients up and running on Koinly. You've got two options - one, is to invite clients to your firm's Koinly account by simply shooting them an email from your Koinly Clients dashboard. Once their profile is set up, and their crypto exchanges are synched, you can get to work on their crypto taxes.

The second route? If your client has an existing Koinly account, then they can invite you to view their Koinly portfolio and tax reports. Either way, Koinly helps you to get the job done.