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Koinly is a free Bitcoin profit calculator that tracks your realized & unrealized Bitcoin profit, loss and income from mining and more. Better still, when it comes to tax time, Koinly helps you calculate and report your Bitcoin taxes fast!

  • Import transactions from 700+ integrations

  • Track realized & unrealized P&L

  • Calculate margin trades, derivatives, WBTC & more

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Koinly calculates taxable income from Bitcoin mining

🤑 Value for Money

Koinly gives you more for less, with a generous free plan that imports 10,000 transactions, supports over 700+ integrations, and provides a free tax preview.

⭐️ 4.8 Stars

At Koinly, we delight our users with fast support and an excellent product. That is why we’re consistently the highest rated Bitcoin calculator on Trustpilot.

🔌 700+ Integrations

Koinly offers 700+ integrations including 350+ exchanges, 90+ wallets, 150+ blockchains. Plus new integrations added each week!

🧠 Pro Features

Koinly doesn't just do taxes. You can track your profits in real-time, as well as track your unrealized gains and losses, helping you improve your portfolio performance.

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Calculate Bitcoin profit & losses

Margin trading, derivatives, sales or swaps - Koinly can handle it all. Koinly identifies your cost basis and tracks your Bitcoin profits and losses from your transactions, all in your chosen fiat currency, both on a granular level per transaction and with an overall profit and loss summary to give you the bigger picture of your portfolio performance. View profit and loss for individual transactions in the transactions page, or view your P&L summary on your Koinly dashboard.

Track my BTC profits
Koinly integrates with crypto exchanges, blockchains, wallets and services.

Import Bitcoin trades from 700+ platforms

What makes Koinly one of the best Bitcoin profit calculators? Our unmatched integration support! Whether you're using a hot wallet, hardware wallet or an exchange, Koinly can handle it. Koinly supports all of the exchanges you know like Binance and Coinbase, as well as 700 other exchanges, wallets and blockchains. Once Koinly has your transaction data, it'll calculate your gains, losses, income and more so you can figure out your Bitcoin profits (and taxes) fast. The best part? Koinly Bitcoin profit calculator is totally free to use, you'll only ever pay when you want to download a tax report.

Import by BTC trades
Currency Records

Track Bitcoin income in fiat currency

Earning Bitcoin through mining, staking via a third-party, or even getting paid in BTC? Koinly identifies the price of Bitcoin on the day you received it and converts this to your chosen fiat currency, so you always know what you're earning in real world terms.

  • Identifies FMV of BTC in your fiat currency.
  • USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, INR & many more.
  • Helps report accurate income to your tax office.
  • Calculate income from mining, staking & more.
Track my BTC income
Why Koinly?

See why investors like you think Koinly is a brilliant Bitcoin profit calculator

There's a reason why crypto investors love using Koinly as an Bitcoin profit calculator. See our Trustpilot reviews for yourself.

"I absolutely love Koinly. I was worried about the cost at first but the amount of time and headache's it saved me on getting my taxes in this year was well worth it. I'm so happy to not only keep the tax officey peeps happy but also dive a bit deeper and learn to track my stack for my own monitoring."

"I was attempting to track my recent bitcoin gains but realized it was getting too complicated when the sells did not always match to a buy. I started to research sites that could take care of this chore - and there are many out that. When I came upon Koinly, I was very impressed. Bottom line - if you deal with crypto you need a site like this - it's one less headache to deal with."

"Koinly's customer service is unmatched! I've been struggling with a tracking issue on Cointracking for the past 3-months, and Koinly's representative was able to solve it in 2-3 business days. They are also highly responsive. Because of their customer service and support for multiple wallet types, I am officially switching to Koinly as my go-to app to track my portfolio holdings!"

Want the best Bitcoin profit calculator?

Koinly can calculate your Bitcoin profits - whatever your investments. Trading, mining, margin trading... Koinly can handle it all. Start calculating your Bitcoin profits free today with Koinly - no credit card needed!

Is Bitcoin taxed?

While Bitcoin used to lurk in the depths of the internet, out of sight of the tax man - it's not the case anymore. From the IRS to the ATO, tax offices around the world want to know about your Bitcoin investments and get their slice of the Bitcoin pie. You'll need to pay Capital Gains or Income Tax on your Bitcoin profits - depending on the specific transaction. Don't panic, Koinly can help. Not only does Koinly work as a Bitcoin profitability calculator, but it's also a Bitcoin tax calculator. When Koinly calculates your Bitcoin capital gains, losses and income, it bundles all this information up for you in your free crypto tax preview. Here you can see your general tax liability, letting you know the exact figures you'll need to report to your tax office and pay tax on. When you're ready to file your tax return, upgrade to one of our paid plans and download your Bitcoin tax report to file in no time at all.

Is Koinly a free Bitcoin profit calculator?

Yes. Koinly is a free Bitcoin profit calculator, that helps you track your performance in real time, including your realized and unrealized profits and losses, as well as income, all from one platform. The best part? Koinly is completely free to use. You'll only pay if and when you want to download your tax report. If you need an accurate and reliable Bitcoin profit calculator that helps you keep track of your realized gains and losses from sales, trades and spends of Bitcoin? How about a Bitcoin profitability calculator that can identify the fair market value of Bitcoin income - like from mining or other rewards - on the day you receive it, in your chosen fiat currency? Or even a Bitcoin calculator that can track and identify unrealized gains and losses, so you can improve your performance? With Koinly, simply sync your BTC wallets and the exchanges you're using via API or by uploading a CSV file of your transaction history. Koinly then calculates everything you need to know about your Bitcoin profits and performance, including your realized and unrealized profits and losses, as well as any income from Bitcoin mining or other rewards.

What about Bitcoin DeFi profit?

Although Bitcoin DeFi with stacks is only just beginning, many investors are using WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) to invest Bitcoin in DeFi protocols on other blockchains. Koinly can help you here too, by tracking your DeFi transactions and calculating your DeFi Bitcoin taxes. Just connect your wallet via API.

How do I track unrealized Bitcoin profits and losses?

Let's face it, when you're using multiple exchanges and wallets, it can get difficult to keep track of how your Bitcoin holdings are performing. If you want to improve your portfolio performance, tracking your unrealized profits and losses with Koinly is a great place to start. You can view your overall unrealized gains and losses, as well as track them on an individual level, including your balance, cost, return on investment and gain or loss. Koinly tracks unrealized profit and loss, overall unrealized P&L summary, individual holdings performance and more.

How do I work out my Bitcoin taxes?

No clue how Bitcoin is taxed? We know! Whatever your transactions, Koinly can help you identify your taxable transactions and apply the recommended tax treatment for your country via your Koinly settings, giving you an accurate Bitcoin tax bill. Koinly calculates your cost basis, capital gains and losses, expenses, and identifies the fair market value of your crypto income in your chosen fiat currency on the day you receive it. Better still, view all this in your free tax preview before you download your report. A Koinly crypto tax report shows identifies taxable transactions, gains and losses, FMV of Bitcoin income in USD & more.