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How to Connect Robinhood Crypto and Koinly

Effortlessly calculate your Robinhood crypto taxes and generate the right tax reports to send to your tax authority. Koinly integrates with Robinhood crypto via CSV and makes your tax reporting a breeze.

CSV File Import

How It Works

Robinhood works differently than most crypto exchanges - so you've got a couple of options for reporting your Robinhood taxes:

  • Normally, 1099-B forms don't work for crypto exchanges as they're unable to track the cost basis and disposals of deposited and withdrawn crypto assets. Robinhood's 1099-B form does work though! This is because Robinhood doesn't allow users to transfer crypto on or off the platform. So you can actually use your Robinhood 1099-B form to report your Robinhood taxes correctly and then use Koinly to report all your other crypto transactions. We recommend using this method if you've used Robinhood to trade things other than crypto - as Koinly doesn't track other assets like stocks.
  • Alternatively, you can add your Robinhood transaction history to Koinly. Robinhood doesn't actually give users a means to export their transaction history to CSV file, but you can create a custom CSV file of your Robinhood transaction history and upload it to Koinly - see more in our Robinhood help guide. If you pick this option, do not use your Robinhood 1099-B form for tax reporting.