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Did you receive a letter from the ITD?

The Income Tax Department has sent out letters to thousands of crypto traders in the last few months.

If you are one of the (un)lucky ones then the task of getting your transaction history sorted for multiple years can seem daunting.

No need to worry!

Koinly has been built from the ground up to help cryptocurrency investors - just like you - get their taxes in order.

All you have to do is import your transaction history from your exchanges / wallets and let Koinly handle the rest!

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"The API sync process was seamless and the user interface is incredibly easy to navigate. I was recommended by a friend (also in the US), after struggling with other platforms. The TurboTax formatted report was imported instantly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thanks!"

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Koinly integration with crypto wallets and exchanges

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Easily import your trading history

Koinly can pull data automatically from Indian exchanges like WazirX, ZebPay and others.

  • DeFi, Margin trades & Futures. Whether you are staking on Kraken, lending on Nexo or going long on BitMEX. Koinly can handle it all.
  • Smart transfer matching. Koinly uses AI to detect transfers between your own wallets and keep track of your original cost.
Supports 300+ exchanges & wallets
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Preview your capital gains

Get a glimpse of your profit/loss for any tax year - for free!

  • Portfolio tracking. See your total holdings, ROI and growth over time on a beautiful dashboard.
  • Profit/loss & capital gains. Easily see how much you are up or down. View realized and unrealized capital gains.
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Whether you are filing yourself, using a tax software like TurboTax or working with an accountant. Koinly can generate the right crypto tax reports for you.

  • Capital gains report Download your capital gains report which shows your short and long term gains separately.
  • Comprehensive tax report. Generate a full crypto tax report with all your disposals. Guaranteed to pass audits.
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"Huge time saver when it comes to taxes, very customizable and useful in planning next trades"

"Finally a tool that can handle DeFi operations properly! Very happy so far"

"Uploading data was very straightforward and easy. Will definitely be back next year!"

Popular questions

Are cryptocurrencies taxed in India?

Yes, India's Minister of Finance has advised that all cryptocurrencies including NFTs are classified as Virtual Digital Assets and taxed as income.

How much tax will I pay on crypto in India?

Profit from the transfer of any virtual digital asset is taxed at the rate of 30%. This rate is the same as India's top income tax bracket.

Can crypto be taxed as a capital asset?

No. Crypto gains are solely viewed as income in India. There is no opportunity to treat cryptocurrency as a capital asset. Discounted tax on long term versus short term gains is not an option. No deduction, except the cost of acquisition, will be allowed while reporting income from the transfer of digital assets.

Are crypto to crypto trades taxed?

Yes. Any exchange of cryptocurrencies is a taxable event in India. For ex. if you exchange Bitcoin for Ripple, the ITD will treat this as a sale of Bitcoin at the market price of the XRP you received.

How are DeFi gains taxed?

While the IDT has not released guidance on DeFi transactions specifically, DeFi profits are likely to be considered income and taxed at a flat Income Tax rate of 30%.

Which exchanges do you support?

Koinly supports all of the top exchanges including those popular in India like Unocoin, WazirX, CoinDCX and Zebpay. Even margin trades and futures on Binance, Kraken & others are supported.

How can Koinly help?

Koinly automatically imports your transactions, finds all the market prices at the time of your trades, matches transfers between your own wallets, calculates your crypto gains/losses and generates your tax reports!