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"OK so doing crypto taxes isn't easy! Let's get that out of the way. But Koinly really helps, I'd have no hope without. Its easy to use & read, I like the way it's laid out. Plus the customer support is a huge plus."

"I did my research and compared about 8 different crypto tax reporting tools before joining Koinly. I needed a tool that can work with UK tax regulations, with Decentralised exchanges and DeFi, has a fair price and a customer service. "

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Wondering how to calculate taxes on cryptocurrency? Koinly is a cryptocurrency tax calculator trusted by investors in over 20 countries including the UK. Koinly integrates with 700+ exchanges, blockchains & wallets to securely track your crypto and calculate your taxes. File your crypto taxes fast with a report from Koinly.

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Koinly integrates with crypto exchanges, blockchains, wallets and services.

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Easily import your crypto trades

No more crazy spreadsheets! Koinly imports your transactions in a heartbeat. Binance, Coinbase, CoinJar, Huobi, Kraken, OKX? We've got them all. Simply connect your exchanges, wallets, and blockchain,s and let the magic begin.

  • Import data from 700+ platforms
  • Connect automatically or by CSV file
  • DeFi, NFTs, mining, staking & more!
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Koinly’s super power? We understand how to calculate crypto gains and losses correctly! Koinly knows if a transaction was a capital gain, a loss, income, or a non-taxable event. And the best part? Koinly crunches the numbers for free!

  • Preview your capital gains, losses, and income free
  • Report your crypto accurately
  • Pay the right amount of tax
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Ready for the big reveal? Koinly’s calculated your crypto tax and sorted it into a comprehensive report. Now, hook yourself up with an affordable plan, download your report, and file away! 

  • HMRC Capital Gains Summary
  • Complete Tax Report
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Koinly offers 700+ integrations including 400+ exchanges, 100+ wallets, and 170+ blockchains, with support for thousands of coins and tokens.

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Koinly is not just for taxes. Use Koinly to track your realised and unrealised profits & losses in real-time and supercharge your portfolio performance.

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Koinly gives you more for less, with a generous free plan that imports 10,000 transactions, has 700+ integrations, and provides a free tax preview.

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At Koinly, we delight our users with fast support and an excellent product. That's why we’re consistently the highest rated crypto tax software on Trustpilot.

Save hours on your HMRC crypto taxes today!

Koinly calculates your cryptocurrency taxes and helps you reduce them for next year. Simple & reliable.

Do I have to pay tax on my cryptocurrency gains in the UK

Yes, the UK considers cryptocurrency to be an asset and therefore subject to capital gains tax. If you sell or exchange your cryptocurrency for a profit, you will need to report the gains and pay tax on them.

How is the tax on cryptocurrency calculated in the UK?

The tax on cryptocurrency gains in the UK is calculated using the same rules as for other assets subject to capital gains tax. The tax rate is based on your income and ranges from 10% to 20%.

Do I have to pay tax on cryptocurrency that I hold but haven't sold?

You don't have to pay tax on cryptocurrency that you're holding, but you will need to pay tax on any gains you make when you sell or exchange it.

How do I report my cryptocurrency gains to HMRC?

You should report your cryptocurrency gains to HMRC by completing a self-assessment tax return. You can use specialist tax software, such as Koinly, to help you calculate your gains and fill in your tax return.

Can I offset cryptocurrency losses against gains for tax purposes in the UK?

Yes, you can offset cryptocurrency losses against gains for tax purposes in the UK. This means that if you make a loss when selling or exchanging your cryptocurrency, you can use that loss to reduce your tax bill.

What happens if I don't pay tax on my cryptocurrency gains in the UK?

If you don't pay tax on your cryptocurrency gains in the UK, you could face penalties and interest charges. In extreme cases, HMRC could also take legal action against you. It's important to report your gains and pay any tax due to avoid these consequences.