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Need to track your crypto profits including gains, income, losses and expenses? Try Koinly - a market leading crypto profit calculator!

  • Import transactions from 800+ integrations.

  • Track up to 10,000 transactions free.

  • Calculate realized and unrealized P&L.

  • HMRC, IRS, CRA, ATO support

Koinly Features - View Your Holdings
🧠 Pro Features

Koinly doesn't just do taxes. You can track your profits & losses in real-time, as well as track your unrealized gains & losses, helping you improve portfolio performance.

🔌 800+ Integrations

Koinly offers 800+ integrations including hundreds of exchanges, wallets, and blockchains, with API support for thousands of coins and tokens.

🤑 Value for Money

Koinly gives you more for less, with a generous free plan that imports 10,000 transactions, has 800+ integrations, and provides a free tax preview.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 4.8 Stars

At Koinly, we delight our users with fast support and an excellent product. That's why we’re consistently the highest rated crypto tax software on Trustpilot.

Step 1

Calculate crypto profits for free

From sales to staking, mining to margin trades, Koinly calculates crypto profits for a huge variety of investments. Koinly identifies your cost basis, or the fair market value of your crypto, and calculates any subsequent profits or losses from sales, swaps or spends, all in your preferred fiat currency.

Not only does Koinly do this for your entire crypto portfolio with your P&L summary on your Koinly dashboard, but you can also get granular, identifying profits and losses for individual transactions in the transactions page.

Use Koinly to view your BTC holdings
Step 2

Calculate P&L from 800+ integrations

Tracking your crypto profit and loss? Whatever crypto you're investing in, and whatever exchange or wallet you're using, Koinly can help. Koinly supports more than 800 exchanges, wallet and blockchains.

From hardware wallets to popular exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, all you need to do with Koinly is connect to your platform via API or CSV, and Koinly will calculate your gains, losses, income, expenses and more for your entire crypto portfolio. The best part? Koinly is a FREE crypto profit calculator.

Step 3

See unrealized profits and losses

Constantly checking price aggregators and exchanges for the latest changes in the market? You don't need to with Koinly. Instead, Koinly helps you track individual asset performance, saving you time and helping you make more informed decisions about when to hold and when to sell.

With Koinly, view your overall unrealized gains and losses, as well as calculate them on an individual level, including your balance, cost, return on investment and gain or loss.


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"It can be really intimidating for a new crypto trader to navigate the tax regulations and learn how to use a cryptocurrency tax calculator, but WOW I give a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE to the whole Koinly team!"

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"Best tax calculator out there! Very easy to navigate through and allows you to easily access everything without having to fork out hundreds of dollars. Highly recommended!!"

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"Anyone who is looking for a fantastic platform to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio and most importantly help you with your tax returns, this is my go to place because the main reason also of their exceptional customer service."

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Use the best crypto profit calculator

Koinly calculate your crypto profits. From mainstays to memecoins, margin trades to derivatives, Koinly handles it all. Start calculating your crypto profits and losses free today with Koinly - no credit card needed!

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