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Crypto tax in the United States can be an overwhelming process. In the USA, both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax apply to crypto and any capital gains or income earned needs to be included in your annual tax return. But calculating each taxable transaction and ensuring you've reported it correctly in your lodgment can be time-consuming for busy investors - not to mention the IRS enforces some harsh penalties. Thankfully, with your IRS crypto tax report from Koinly, and backup from a top American crypto accountant, your crypto reporting is in good hands. Browse our directory to find crypto tax professionals near you in New York, Washington, Burbank, Houston, Fort Lauderdale, and beyond! We only list CPAs, crypto accountants, and attorneys who are well-versed in cryptocurrency trading, mining, and other forms of crypto income.

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Accelerate Wealth CPAs PLLC logo

Accelerate Wealth CPAs PLLC

We are an innovative cryptocurrency tax and accounting firm focused on minimizing our client's tax bill to the lowest level they are legally required to pay to the government. Our cryptocurrency tax s…

Aurum FSG

Aurum FSG is a global crypto, NFT, DeFi & blockchain accounting firm with tax expertise around the world.
Count on Sheep Logo

Count on Sheep

Count On Sheep is a leading Crypto Tax Preparation service. We have coined the term “Digital Asset Reconciliation” (“DAR”), which is an all-encompassing process in which our experts reconcile crypto p…
CountDeFi logo


CountDeFi specialize in global technical DeFi crypto tax reporting. Well versed in IDO, Staking, Liquidity Pools, Bridged Transactions, NFTs and all the other troublesome DeFi transactions.
Crypto Tax Made Easy logo

Crypto Tax Made Easy

Crypto Tax Made Easy helps crypto investors take the stress and overwhelm out of crypto taxes. They provide done-for-you services to clean up and categorize all of your Koinly transactions to make sur…


Blockchain CPAs specializing in crypto, DeFi, Web3 serving businesses and individuals all over the USA.
AkraTax logo


AkraTax is a boutique tax and accounting firm supporting the digital asset industry. Offering accounting, audit services, tax compliance, tax planning, consulting, and advisory services.
Alahi Tax & Accounting Services LLC logo

Alahi Tax & Accounting Services LLC

Reporting Crypto Gains & Losses to IRS is tricky, saving taxes are trickier, but we make it easier.


Specializing in tax preparation and bookkeeping services.
ATAX Tax & Accounting logo

ATAX Tax & Accounting

ATAX is a leading provider of tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll & incorporation services for over 30 years. At ATAX, we are about more than just numbers!
Be Pro Accounting LLC logo

Be Pro Accounting LLC

Be Pro Accounting help our clients with their cryptocurrency tax and accounting needs and keep their mind at ease.
Bette Hochberger, CPA logo

Bette Hochberger, CPA

A boutique CPA firm for crypto entrepreneurs, funded startups, and real estate investors.
Bitcounts Inc. logo

Bitcounts Inc.

Bitcounts is a multinational crypto accounting firm with deep expertise in cryptocurrency taxation and blockchain accounting having offices in the US, Canada, and India.
BitNine Advisors logo

BitNine Advisors

BitNine Advisors (a unit of Onestop Finsol), since 2011, has been assisting global clients to set up and streamline the accounting and finance processes. Fascinating interest in technology led the fir…
Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep logo

Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep

Blockchain Crypto Tax Prep, based in Maryland, simplifies crypto tax for individuals and firms in the US, ensuring ATO compliance.
Bookkeeper360 logo


Bookkeeper360 is a technology-driven accounting solution for startups and established businesses. Our 100% US-Based team specializes in accounting, advisory, payroll, and tax compliance so business ow…
BooksFit logo


If you are looking for a tax expert who understands cryptocurrency, look no further –we speak the vernacular and know the ins and outs of crypto taxation and record keeping, IRS tax forms and income c…
Brown PC Logo

Brown PC

Brown PC attorneys have significant experience representing high-net-worth individuals and businesses in federal cryptocurrency-related matters. While audits and investigations targeting cryptocurrenc…
Camuso CPA logo

Camuso CPA

Camuso CPA is a specialized CPA firm exclusively serving digital asset investors and businesses. Their comprehensive services encompass tax, accounting, and advisory solutions tailored for the digital…
Crypto Tax Girl logo

Crypto Tax Girl

Crypto Tax Girl is a full-service tax firm offering a range of crypto tax services. We pride ourselves in being the best crypto tax firm in the US because we provide a high-quality boutique service th…


Cryptotaxly offers specialized accounting services designed to meet the unique requirements of cryptocurrency investors and traders worldwide, with a particular focus on clients in the UK, USA, and Eu…
Delk Financial LLC logo

Delk Financial LLC

Delk Financial LLC help people save more money in taxes by legally maximizing deductions.
Dimov Tax Services logo

Dimov Tax Services

Dimov Tax, based in the US, is a comprehensive accounting firm committed to optimizing financial benefits for both Individual Tax and Business Tax Services.
DWY Tax & Accounting Services logo

DWY Tax & Accounting Services

DWY Tax & Accounting will take care of every detail of your taxes as if they were our own.
Eight Stars LLC logo

Eight Stars LLC

Personalized expert support for U.S. taxpayers living abroad, especially in Mexico.
Elevated Tax Strategies Logo

Elevated Tax Strategies

At Elevated Tax Strategies, we specialize in serving the unique needs of the crypto community. Our team has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and businesses with complex crypto tax situatio…
Founder's CPA logo

Founder's CPA

Founder's CPA is a public accounting firm that specializes in providing accounting, tax, and CFO services to hundreds of clients in the blockchain and crypto industries.
Get Smart Accounting logo

Get Smart Accounting

Get Smart Accounting provides crypto profitability analysis and capital gains reporting.

Gordon Tax

Since 2014, Gordon Tax, led by a CPA and tax attorney focusing on crypto tax, has provided industry-leading expertise for retail investors, whales, crypto businesses, and more.
Happy Tax CPA logo

Happy Tax CPA

Happy Tax was founded out of a need to help crypto traders nationwide understand their tax requirements, liability, and to offer a fully-assisted solution to file your crypto and standard taxes accura…
Hash Basis logo

Hash Basis

Hash Basis is a crypto native accounting firm based in San Francisco, CA. They leverage their crypto wisdom and “into the weeds” mentality to translate complex crypto transactions into IRS compliant a…
Jedadiah Luke Chilton, CPA logo

Jedadiah Luke Chilton, CPA

Jedadiah Luke Chilton CPA firm provides tax advice for cryptocurrency investors, ensuring compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations. Email: [email protected]
Josh Cahan CPA logo

Josh Cahan CPA

CPA firm specializing in tax planning and tax preparation for crypto currency and small businesses.
Krupsky & Company, LLP logo

Krupsky & Company, LLP

Krupsky & Company, LLP is a Certified Public Accounting firm located on the North Shore of Boston, providing tax advice and compliance services to small business and individual clients for four decade…
KSM Group CPAs logo

KSM Group CPAs

At KSM Group CPAs, LLC, our goal is to help set you or your business on the road to financial growth and success.
LeapFrog Accounting and Forensics logo

LeapFrog Accounting and Forensics

LeapFrog Accounting and Forensics is an accounting, tax, and forensic investigation practice located in Southern California. At LeapFrog, our goal is to help you and your finances make the next great …
Mac Tax CPA Logo

Mac Tax CPA

Justin Macari CPA founded Mac Tax during the pandemic building his business on the side while working at PwC the #1 firm in the country for US income tax and has been running Mac Tax full-time since 2…
Mildrid Esua CPA

Mildrid Esua CPA

Small business accountant NC, Mildrid Esua CPA is an expert at every level of business accounting and is dedicated to the fine art of customer service. This best-rated small business accounting team i…
Mr. Crypto Tax Law logo

Mr. Crypto Tax Law

As you are probably aware, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is fastly growing. Because of this, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about how the federal government -- especially the In…
Neumeister & Associates, LLP logo

Neumeister & Associates, LLP

Neumeister & Associates is a one-stop shop for all of your business accounting needs. Whether you need help with reporting your gains and losses to the IRS or are looking for professional CPA guidance…
NGG Tax Group Inc logo

NGG Tax Group Inc

NGG Tax Group provides clients with high-quality service in the fields of accounting, taxation, business advisory and cryptocurrency trading.
OnChain Accounting logo

OnChain Accounting

OCA’s team of accounting professionals and blockchain experts, will analyze your on-chain transactions and synchronize them with QuickBooks. Enabling your organization to properly maintain accounting …
Online Taxman logo

Online Taxman

A boutique international tax and accounting firm, focusing on tax planning, international offshore structuring and US tax compliance. Within these services, one of their focuses is crypto - they help …
Polygon Advisory Group logo

Polygon Advisory Group

Polygon Advisory Group, based in the US, is a cutting-edge public accounting firm.
Rocca CPA Logo

Rocca CPA

Rocca CPA is your go-to partner for navigating the crypto accounting landscape. Specializing in startups and small businesses, Rocca CPA blends expertise in web3 and cryptocurrency to offer tailored t…
Rose Lulis, Inc. logo

Rose Lulis, Inc.

Rose Lulis is an accountant and a college instructor who's worked with and educated hundreds of small business owners since 2009 in the US.
Spartan Tax Relief, LLC logo

Spartan Tax Relief, LLC

I provide excellent customer service to my individual tax clients, many of whom have some (or many) cryptocurrency transactions. I do all tax work online via my secure client portal, which is a simple…
Sprintax logo


If you’re a non-resident working in the US you probably know that you need to pay taxes. But did you know your crypto income is taxable too? File your non-resident US crypto taxes fast with Koinly and…
Tax Time Forever LLC logo

Tax Time Forever LLC

No matter what time of the year, it's always tax time around here!
Taxing Cryptocurrency logo

Taxing Cryptocurrency

We are a dedicated team of trusted CPA and accounting experts specializing in digital asset taxation.
TDG Advisors Ltd logo

TDG Advisors Ltd

Before selecting your crypto tax professional, it's fair to ask the tax professionals personal involvement in cryptocurrencies. If the professional has less than $20,000 skin in the game, probably not…
The Bitcoin CPA / Kirk Philips logo

The Bitcoin CPA / Kirk Philips

Kirk Phillips, aka The Bitcoin CPA™, specializes in cryptocurrency including tax, accounting, business process and security consulting for over 5 years. We develop long-term relationships with busines…
The Borderless Accountant logo

The Borderless Accountant

Whether you’re looking for support with an upcoming crypto tax return or validation for your historical returns, The Borderless Accountant is here to help.
The Crypto Accountant logo

The Crypto Accountant

The Crypto Accountant is a boutique accounting firm solely focused on assisting clients in the crypto space.
The Legacy Advisory Firm LLC logo

The Legacy Advisory Firm LLC

Full service advisory firm specializing in tax reduction strategies, wealth management & estate planning. Email: [email protected]
Timur Knyazev, CPA logo

Timur Knyazev, CPA

High-End International Tax Boutique. Best CPA in Little Italy, NYC. Top Rated CPA in Lower Manhattan.Email: [email protected]
W. H. Brock and Associates logo

W. H. Brock and Associates

W. H. Brock and Associates, a Chicago-based CPA firm, specializes in US cryptocurrency taxation.
Wadadli Consulting Services logo

Wadadli Consulting Services

At WCS we offer a wide variety of tax & accounting services at competitive prices to fit our clients needs. Let our trained tax professionals prepare your crypto tax return to reduce your tax liabilit…