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If you’re a non-resident working in the US you probably know that you need to pay taxes. But did you know your crypto income is taxable too? File your non-resident US crypto taxes fast with Koinly and Sprintax!

Sprintax has helped hundreds of thousands of international students, J1 workers, interns, trainees, professionals, au pairs and councilors prepare their US tax returns. Federal e-filing is also now available.

In partnership with crypto tax calculator Koinly, Sprintax can now handle the crypto tax obligations of non-residents living in the USA.

Sprintax is the only online system for non-resident federal and state tax returns:

  • 24 hour live chat with VITA Qualified Chat Agents
  • Prepare tax returns in minutes in an affordable, guided process
  • Authorized non-resident Partner for TurboTax

Ready to do your crypto taxes?

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