Find crypto accountants in Finland

Understanding crypto tax regulations in Finland can be a daunting challenge. However, you're in luck because Finland is home to experienced crypto accountants, tax advisors, and legal professionals who can assist you with this complex process. Whether you're located in Helsinki, Tampere, or Turku, our directory showcases professionals who possess extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency trading, mining, and other forms of crypto income. With their expertise, you can navigate the intricacies of crypto reporting and ensure full compliance with tax laws.


Aurum FSG

Aurum FSG is a global crypto, NFT, DeFi & blockchain accounting firm with tax expertise around the world.
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CountDeFi specialize in global technical DeFi crypto tax reporting. Well versed in IDO, Staking, Liquidity Pools, Bridged Transactions, NFTs and all the other troublesome DeFi transactions.
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BOWA Legal Oy

BOWA is a solution-oriented and approachable law firm in the centre of Helsinki.
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Nordic Law

Nordic Law is the leading law firm in crypto taxation in Finland. They have extensive experience and can help customers with the full process. Furthermore, Nordic Law specializes in providing business…