Swyftx Tax Reporting

Effortlessly calculate your Swyftx taxes and generate the right tax documents to submit to your tax agency

API Import CSV File Import

Let's get started

The first and usually the only step is to import all your data from Swyftx to Koinly. There are 2 ways of doing that:

  • As Swyftx has an API, the fastest way to import everything is to simply connect your API keys. Koinly will then be able to import all your history automatically and you will be ready to generate your tax documents.

  • If you don't have access to your API keys you can also import transactions by uploading your CSV files from Swyftx.

Importing Swyftx transactions automatically via API

Follow these steps to get your API keys:

  1. Sign in to Swyftx, click on Profile > API Keys
  2. Click on CREATE NEW KEY
  3. Enter "Koinly" in the label then click on the NEXT button
  4. Select Read Only (ensure these are ticked: Account > Tax Report, Account > Balance, Account > Read, Address > Read, Funds > Read, Orders.Read)
  5. Click NEXT again and enter your Swyftx account password.
  6. Click on SUBMIT and copy the displayed API key to Koinly