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How to Connect AToken Wallet and Koinly

How it works

The first (and usually only) thing you'll need to do for your AToken Wallet taxes is to connect Koinly and AToken Wallet. You've got a couple of options on how to do this:

  • AToken Wallet connects to Koinly via API. All you need to do is find your AToken Wallet public address(es). You'll be able to locate this in your AToken Wallet. Once you've found it just copy and paste this into Koinly when adding your Atoken Wallet and the AToken Wallet API will return all your AToken Wallet transaction history. You'll need to do this for each blockchain you interacted with using AToken Wallet.
  • As AToken Wallet has now closed down, if you are unable to find your address, you can try searching for a transaction hash for any of your transfers to/from this wallet. You can then search for your transaction on a block explorer to find your address.
  • Alternatively, If you only have a few transactions and the above method is not possible for you, you can add your transactions one by one on the transactions page in Koinly.

Last updated: Monday, 21 August 2023

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