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Crypto tax headache? Let Koinly track your transactions & calculate your French crypto tax automatically and accurately!

  • Import data from 800+ platforms

  • Binance, eToro, Coinbase & more

  • DeFi, mining, staking, futures, NFTs

  • Calculate capital gains & income in EUR

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How Koinly Simplifies Your Taxes...

Step 1

Easily import your trades

Koinly can pull data automatically from over 800 exchanges like Binance, Bitbuy, Coinbase and eToro.

  • Import data from 800+ platforms

  • Connect automatically or by CSV file

  • DeFi, NFTs, mining, staking platforms & more!

Step 2

Preview your capital gains

Koinly’s super power? We understand how to calculate crypto gains and losses correctly! Koinly knows if a transaction was a capital gain, a loss, income, or a non-taxable event. And the best part? Koinly crunches the numbers for free! See your total holdings, ROI and growth over time on a beautiful dashboard. Plus, see how much you are up or down.

  • Preview your capital gains, losses and income free

  • Report your crypto accurately

  • Pay the right amount of tax

Koinly - Features Euro Tax Summary
Step 3

Download your crypto tax report

Ready for the big reveal? Koinly’s calculated your crypto tax liability in euros and sorted it into a comprehensive report. Simply upgrade to an affordable plan, download your crypto tax report, and file your taxes!

  • Generate a full crypto tax report inclusive with all your disposals.

  • Koinly supports 20+ countries with tailored tax reports

Crypto investors in France love Koinly!

DGFiP demands rigorous reporting of crypto assets and income. Koinly offers the detail you need to file your crypto tax with confidence. Investors from France, Germany, Ireland, and other parts of Europe consistently give 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

"Excellent support is essential for me, as the transactions in crypto can often be complicated, especially if you are staking or dealing in some of the lesser known Alt Coins. The team at Koinly have always been very good at solving the issues I've had, although it does take some work on my part to explain them properly. "

5 stars
D Walker UK

"Great support for various exchanges, wallets & blockchains. Let's be honest the crypto world is so diverse and can be quite complicated. Having an overview of everything you're doing and doing your taxes has been one hell of a hassle. But with Koinly it is much much easier"

5 stars
Dirk Englert Germany

"Koinly makes crypto tax soooo much easier. I can't imagine doing it with out. I have a handful of wallets and third party services, and have moved so much crypto across those services over time, it'd be just impossible to figure it out myself."

5 stars
Brent M Australia

File your French crypto tax fast

Koinly brings all your crypto trades into one place for efficient and accurate tax calculations, for free! You'll only pay to download your comprehensive tax report. But don't worry, Koinly's paid plans are affordable and loaded with features.

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