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"I was using Zenledger till this year, when their system corrupted a lot of the data I laboriously and meticulously entered, and they were unable to get it right. With a heavy heart, I decided to move to Koinly and re-enter all my data. I have been delighted with Koinly."

5 stars
Mark United Kingdom

"I have tried cointracking, zenledger, crypto trader and one or two more. I've spent “hours” on each competitor’s site entering in my items and seeing how they work, as it's a big investment of future crypto tax filings, time and trust. All those other teams were helpful with my questions but in the end, the software was complex and unintuitive."

5 stars
Lenny L United States

"It's the first crypto reporting site I've used (out of quite a few - cointracker, tokentax, zenledger, and others) that was able to handle all my ETH transactions correctly. Koinly handled my ETH, ETH / SAI|DAI conversions (kyber, uniswap, MKR SAI /DAI switch), SAI / cSAI, DAI / cDAI and back in compound all cleanly (with a very recent update)."

5 stars
BTC/ETH Fan United States

More integration support

Tired of manually tracking your crypto transactions? Koinly is the solution you need. Forget scouring every account and stitching together spreadsheets.

Koinly connects with over 800 exchanges, wallets, and blockchains, showing all your trades in one place. With both API and CSV integration options, getting a complete picture of your crypto portfolio has never been easier.

Koinly Features - Add Crypto Wallets

Koinly gives you 10,000 transactions for free!

Try before you buy! We want you to be absolutely sure that our crypto tax software is the right fit for you before you commit to paying for it. That's why we offer a free plan that gives you access to 10,000 transactions as well as tax support for DeFi, Margin Trades, and futures. And if you need more than that, our paid plans are still very reasonably priced. Compared to the 25 transactions offered on Zenledger’s free plan, you can’t beat the value.

Koinly Features - Free Crypto Tax Preview

Koinly offers you more tools to deal with Yield Farming, Liquidity Mining, Staking and Tokens

As crypto trading evolves, Koinly provides the tools and insights to keep your taxes in check. Whether you’re providing liquidity on Uniswap or staking on PancakeSwap, Koinly handles it all—and whatever comes next. We support forks and lending long before competitors.

Compared to Koinly, ZenLedger requires a premium plan for DeFi, staking, and NFT support, Koinly offers these essential tools from the start—for free. Stay ahead with Koinly.

Koinly offers you tools to deal with yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and tokens

Koinly: The customer service you deserve

Here at Koinly, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We understand that when it comes to your finances, you need all the help you can get! That's why we've invested heavily in ensuring that our customer service is the best in the industry. There’s a reason our TrustPilot is brimming with five star reviews! We're here to help, even on the free plan! So if you're considering switching from ZenLedger to Koinly, rest assured that you'll be taken care of.

Koinly has over 1000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot

Global Tax Compliance

At Koinly, we believe crypto is for everyone. That’s why we simplify crypto tax reporting for investors worldwide. We offer complete tax reports for 20+ countries, meeting all critical requirements of tax authorities.

We provide localized reports for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Switzerland, formatted to suit each country's specific needs. While ZenLedger only supports the US, Koinly is the ideal choice for crypto investors globally.

Koinly Features - Download Tax Report

Advanced accountant support

Koinly makes it easy to connect your accountant to your crypto tax records. Invite them to view your records directly in Koinly—no need to download and email documents. Koinly offers advanced features and robust support for accountants, CPAs, and tax professionals worldwide. Unlike ZenLedger, which offers fewer features and less support at a higher price, Koinly is the smarter choice for professional crypto tax solutions.

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