Meet Koinly, the Best CoinLedger (CryptoTrader Tax) Alternative

With a generous free plan, accurate reports, and nearly double the integrations, Koinly is the best CoinLedger alternative.

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What's the difference between Koinly and CoinLedger (CryptoTrader Tax)

Cryptocurrency taxes are no joke. If you're not careful, you could end up owing a lot of money. That’s where Koinly comes in. With a clean user interface, powerful features, and all the integrations you will ever need, Koinly makes it easy to stay on top of your crypto taxes. And because we use AI to match transactions on the blockchain, you can be sure that your tax return will be accurate.

Filing your taxes should be easy, regardless of where you live. That's why we support 20+ countries with compliant tax reports. Whether you're in Australia, the US, Canada, or any other country, we can help you file your taxes with ease. Compare that to CoinLedger, who only supports a handful of countries.

Whether you need a full tax report or just want to understand your transaction history, Koinly offers stacks of truly helpful crypto tax reports. Here's just a small sample of what's available to you:

  • Complete Tax Report

  • Form 8949, Schedule D (USA)

  • ATO MyTax Report (Australia)

  • HMRC Report (UK)

  • CRA Report (Canada)

  • TurboTax Report

  • TaxAct Report

  • Transaction History

  • Capital Gains Report

  • Income Report

  • Gifts, Donations & Lost Assets

  • Expenses Report

  • End of year holdings Report

Top 4 reasons why Koinly is the best CoinLedger (CryptoTrader Tax) alternative

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 4.8 Stars

At Koinly, we delight our users with fast support and an excellent product. That is why we’re consistently the highest rated crypto tax software on Trustpilot.

🔌 700+ Integrations

Koinly has 700+ integrations including 350+ integrations, 90+ wallets, 150+ blockchains, and 20+ services, whereas CoinLedger only claims to have 400+.

🤑 Value for Money

Koinly gives you more for less, with a generous free plan that allows 10,000 transactions, support for over 700+ integrations, and a free tax summary.

🧠 Pro Features

Koinly offers you 10-14 rich tax reports depending on your home country. CoinLedger has 4 reports - including only a summary, capital gains and margin trades report.


Crypto investors like you switch from CoinLedger because Koinly is the pro choice.

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"By far the best tools I ever used to track my cryptos and the tax reports it generates are 10 times better than the solution I used before for half the price. I don't think I will ever need to look for another tracker/taxes assistant."

5 stars
Rodolphe Rambaud Estonia

"I tried Koinly after comparing it to the other apps out there and trying CoinLedger. This was so much easier to integrate with external wallets and prices were good. Also the reports were very detailed unlike the other wallets. "

5 stars
Jmocha Australia

"I’ve used CoinLedger, TokenTax and Taxbit. Koinly was my favorite. It figures out the transactions better in my opinion with transfers and preventing duplicate transactions AND at a lower price. Sticking with Koinly."

5 stars
K C United States

23,000+ cryptocurrencies

Add transactions for any alt and crapcoin that ever existed.

10+ years of prices

Historical crypto and fiat spot prices to ensure your costs are correct.

170+ blockchains

Auto-syncs transactions from BTC, BCH, BSV & others

400+ exchanges

Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex & more

100+ wallets

Uphold, Ledger, Trezor, Bread, Exodus, Metamask etc

30+ services

Nexo, BlockFi, Paxful, NiceHash, & others


Koinly supports more than 700+ integrations

If you're tired of manually sifting through your crypto transaction records, then Koinly is the solution you've been looking for. Koinly offers integration with more than 700 exchanges, wallets and blockchains, so you can be confident that all your trade data will be pulled into one place. In addition to major platforms like Binance and, Koinly also supports more specialised exchanges and wallets like Luno and Metamask.

Koinly Features - Add Crypto Wallets

Koinly has the best free plan by far

10,000 transactions, DeFi, margin trades, and futures - Koinly has it all! And the best part is, you don't need a credit card to use Koinly for free! Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, Koinly is the perfect way to keep track of your investments and calculate your taxes. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to configure reports, so you can spend less time setting things up and more time doing what you love. So why wait?

Koinly Features - Free Crypto Tax Preview

Koinly offers you more tools to deal with yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and tokens

Thanks to Koinly, crypto trading is now easier than ever before. No matter what you’re doing - whether it's staking CAKE on PancakeSwap or providing liquidity on Uniswap - Koinly can handle it. That's not all. Koinly also supports essential features like forks, futures, and yield farming - even on the free plan. Looking at CoinLedger in contrast, it’s unclear whether or not CoinLedger offers support for more complex transaction types.

Koinly offers you tools to deal with yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and tokens

World class customer support

At Koinly, we know that customer support is important. We also know that crypto investors have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a tax software. That's why we're proud to be one of the highest rated crypto tax solution on Trustpilot. We've invested heavily in our support team so that our customers can get the help they need as fast as possible. We're here to help, even on the free plan! Amazing support is one of the main reasons crypto investors switch to Koinly from CoinLedger.

Koinly has over 1000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot

Koinly supports 20+ countries with compliant tax reports

At Koinly, we want to make it as easy as possible for crypto investors to stay on the right side of the law. That's why we offer a complete tax report for 20+ countries that covers all the critical reporting requirements that tax authorities require from taxpayers. We also offer localized tax reports for 10 countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland, so you can be sure that you're getting the information you need in the format that suits your country's specific needs. Meanwhile, CoinLedger states that it only supports Australia, Canada, and the United States. So take a deep breath, relax, and let us help you get your taxes sorted out - after all, we're the experts!

Koinly Features - Download Tax Report

Get advanced features and support for your accountant too!

There's more. Koinly provides an amazingly simple way to connect your accountant to your crypto tax records. Simply send your accountant an invite to view your records directly in Koinly without having to download and email tons of documents. 

If you’re searching for a qualified accountant to help you do your crypto taxes, check out the Koinly directory of crypto tax accountants, with listings covering 16+ countries!

But there's more! Koinly offers advanced features and support for accountants, CPAs, and certified tax professionals around the world too. While CoinLedger also offers crypto tax software for accountants, their service come with fewer features, less support, and a higher price point, making Koinly the wiser choice for accountants seeking a professional crypto tax software solution. We make it easy! With Koinly, getting your crypto taxes done professionally has never been simpler!

Koinly Features - View Your Holdings

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