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Koinly is a cryptocurrency calculator trusted by over 1 million crypto investors in over 20 countries. We integrate with 850+ exchanges, blockchains, and wallets to easily track crypto transactions and calculate crypto taxes. We offer expert commentary on all matters related to crypto and crypto taxes. Need a comment? Get in touch with us today.

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Robin Singh

Robin is the founder and CEO of Koinly, a cryptocurrency tax solution that helps Bitcoin investors generate their capital gains tax reports. He has a background in finance and accounting.

Adam Saville-Brown

Adam heads up Koinly's global partnerships team. Adam is also Koinly's Global Manager. Adam is a serial entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert who has had an extensive career in business and finance.

Michelle Legge

Michelle is a senior researcher at Koinly and heads up Koinly's crypto tax education team. Michelle is passionate about closing the financial literacy gap for new investors to the world of cryptocurrency.

Latest coverage

How Investors Should Handle Celsius in Their Tax Returns This Year

15 April 2024

Creditors to the failed crypto lender have got theCreditors to the failed crypto lender have got their dollars back after bankruptcy, but working out the tax implications is going to take longer, says Koinly's Michelle Legge.


4 Key Crypto Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs and Digital Investors

15 April 2024

By taking the right steps, it's possible to avoid overpaying taxes and enjoy tax benefits.

4 Essential Crypto Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs and Digital Investors

12 April 2024

With the April 15 tax deadline fast approaching, founders and entrepreneurs who own cryptocurrencies should discuss the following tax topics with their accountants or tax advisors to avoid having unpleasant discussions with the IRS later.

5 Crypto Tax Myths and Mistakes to Avoid

12 April 2024

Here's what you should know about crypto taxation ahead of 2024 deadline.

Do you need to report your crypto to the IRS next week?

11 April 2024

Michelle Legge, Head of Crypto Tax Education at Koinly breaks down what you need to know for the 2023 financial year

Bitcoin Joins the Big League

27 March 2024

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s approval of bitcoin exchange traded funds (ETFs) is a crucial stage in cryptocurrency growth, ushering digital assets from the fringes into the financial mainstream.

The U.S. is simplifying how to report crypto on your taxes in 2025. But what about this year?

26 March 2024

The Internal Revenue Service since 2014 has viewed crypto as property, so profits made from selling tokens are subject to capital gains tax. And if you are paid in crypto—such as staked rewards, or if you’re a miner—this constitutes a taxable event.

Warning to cryptocurrency owners as tax time arrives

01 July 2023

The millions of Australians with crypto in their digital wallets have been warned about a tax-time crackdown

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Revolut taps Koinly for automated cryptocurrency tax reports

28 April 2023

Revolut has partnered with Koinly to integrate cryptocurrency tax report services for users.

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How crypto remains relevant to business owners in 2022

11 October 2022

What's been happening with cryptocurrency and why should business owners care? Danny Talwar, Head of Tax at Koinly explains.

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Portfolio in the red? How tax-loss harvesting can help stem the pain

17 June 2022

"If you've made a sale during the tax year, and you've sold at a loss, there's basically a benefit there", says Koinly's head of tax.

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Watch out, the ATO knows about your crypto investments

Friday, 15 July 2022

The tax office knows if you have cryptocurrencies. Here's how you'll be taxed on your dogecoin if you actually make a capital gain this financial year.

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Koinly and Cointree Announce Partnership and Enable SSO Functionality

20 September 2022

As the cryptocurrency space continues to grow in Australia, Koinly and Cointree have announced a partnership to make doing crypto taxes easier than ever.

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P2E gamers, minors not any safer from the tax man - Koinly

20 September 2022

Earning an income from play-to-earns is "complicated" without tax guidance, advises Australian crypto tax specialists.

The tax office has cryptocurrencies in its sights

11 August 2022

As cryptocurrencies grow as an asset class into the future, it is important that crypto investors know their obligations at tax time,” says Danny Talwar ACA (ICAEW), head of tax at Koinly.