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Lobby 1, Level 2, 76 Skrying Terrace, Newstead, 4006, Australia


Tax On Chain is a Newstead, Queensland based specialist crypto accounting firm providing tax services to both private and business clients who are active in the cryptocurrency and Web3 space.

Whether it's DeFi, DAOs, NFTs or anything in between, the specialist crypto accountants at Tax On Chain speak your language and will work with you to sort out your tax and accounting requirements.

They understand the tax and accounting complexities that arise when utilising blockchain technology, which allows them to deliver crypto-specific tax advice and services that very few accountants can.

Tax is their business, but crypto is their passion. Tax On Chain’s team of Chartered Accountants has a professional foundation in tax and a personal passion for crypto, uniquely positioning them to provide accounting and tax advice to investors, DeFi participants and crypto-related businesses based on the personal experience they have developed through actively participating in the crypto ecosystem themselves.

Tax On Chain takes the headache out of meeting your ATO crypto tax compliance obligations and will work with you to deliver tax-effective strategies for your crypto activities, allowing you to focus your time on creating wealth and contributing to the decentralised future.

As cryptocurrency tax agents who are at the forefront of the latest crypto innovation, they are positioned to create efficiencies for their clients by already having an intricate understanding of the numerous protocols their clients are interacting with and the wealth creation strategies they adopt.

Regardless of your investment activity – whether you’re a passive investor, trader, business, or other – Tax On Chain can help.

Tax On Chain also works with professional and government bodies to assist in the development of appropriate regulations and Australian crypto tax policies to ensure appropriate and fair outcomes for all stakeholders. Their team of crypto accountants have previously taken part in panel discussions organised by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), and Blockchain Australia at Blockchain Week 2022.

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