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Finding missing transactions with the Ledgers page

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Finding missing transactions with the Ledgers page

Last updated: Tuesday, 19 November 2019

We have added a new feature that makes it much simpler to compare balance changes on Koinly with your exchange ledgers. This should help you find and fix issues with missing transactions.

Most exchanges provide complete data but sometimes after importing some transaction files or even connecting via the API, you might get an error message on Koinly telling you that the transactions result in negative balances. For ex. if you deposit 10 ETH in a wallet and later withdraw 15 ETH - there is obviously some missing deposit or trade in the wallet. When this happens, Koinly will show an error on the transaction:

Koinly error for transaction

The first step in fixing such issues is clicking on theReview historylink, it will take you to the new Ledgers page and show you that coins balance history prior to the erroneous transaction:

Fixing issue with transaction history

Next, you need to find the 'missing' transaction. Koinly can only show you the transaction that is resulting in the negative balance - the actual missing transaction can only be found by manually comparing the transactions on Koinly with the transactions on the exchange.

Now open up the Balance ledger page on your exchange, for ex. on Kraken this page looks like this:

ledger balance history

This page shows you every single transaction that has affected the balance of your holdings on Kraken. Other exchanges have similar pages. Next, just compare the balances on Koinly to the ones on the exchange to find the transactions where the balances diverge. We recommend looking at the first transaction balance on each page until you find one that is wrong and then just drilling down on it.

Once you have located the missing transaction, you can create a manual deposit or trade to fix it. If you believe the transaction was synced incorrectly, you can even look at the data we received from the API:

Data received from Kraken's API

So, if it looks like there is an issue with the way Koinly has imported the transaction just let us know via the Live Chat!


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