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Updated Mar 21, 2024
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Biggest Upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2024

Looking for the best crypto airdrops coming in 2024? We got you covered. We've rounded up the best upcoming airdrops to keep your eye on in 2024.

  • Crypto airdrops help projects grow their community and distribute tokens to avoid centralization, as well as reward early investors.

  • There are many legitimate airdrops from reputable projects each year. Generally, to qualify, you’ll need to have used a specific platform or protocol, or participated in an ICO.

  • There are also many less than reputable airdrops, as well as outright scams trying to get your details - so always DYOR and never share your private keys!

What are the best upcoming airdrops in 2024?

Some of the biggest rumored upcoming airdrops in 2024 include:

  • MetaMask airdrop

  • Ambient airdrop

  • zkSync airdrop

  • Renzo airdrop

  • marginfi airdrop

  • Wormhole airdrop

  • Symmetry airdrop

  • LayerZero airdrop

Keep in mind, that most of these airdrops are all just rumors currently (and some are more likely than others!), but we’ll dive in to see what you need to know about the latest airdrops and how to qualify for these upcoming airdrops.

MetaMask airdrop

MetaMask is one of the most popular web wallets available, offering everything you need to manage your crypto, and it's confirmed it will be launching a token, although very few details otherwise are known yet.

How do you qualify for the MetaMask airdrop?

To qualify for the MetaMask airdrop, you’ll need an active MetaMask account, and a minimum of 0.1 ETH in your wallet. Other eligibility criteria, or the number of tokens you’ll receive, aren’t known yet - so watch this space, we’ll update as soon as we know more.

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Ambient airdrop

Ambient is a decentralized exchange with low-fee transactions and larger liquidity rewards, that have made it a popular choice for many investors, with more than $6.5 million raised.

How do you qualify for the Ambient airdrop?

Ambient hasn’t yet confirmed the airdrop - but it’s likely as the majority of other dexes have distributed their own tokens (for example, PancakeSwap’s CAKE or Uniswap’s UNI). If the airdrop works anything like these, then to be eligible for the ambient airdrop, you’ll need to have used the protocol as a minimum. Often dexes have previously only rewarded liquidity providers, and this could be the case for ambient too. 

zkSync airdrop

zkSync is a ZK rollup - a kind of trustless protocol that uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide scalable and low-cost transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a popular protocol too and the parent company has raised more than $450 million from investors.

How do you qualify for the zkSync airdrop?

zkSync has hinted at an airdrop, but nothing is confirmed yet, including eligibility. However, as with most airdrops, to be eligible for the zkSync airdrop, you’ll have to have used the protocol. This will generally mean adding the zkSync network to your wallet, and bridging some of your ETH, USDT, or USDC from the mainnet to the zkSync mainnet - as well as potentially then trading further on the zkSync mainnet.

Renzo airdrop

Renzo is an Eigenlayer Ethereum-based protocol that lets you restake ETH, but using the EigenLayer. The protocol secured more than $3 million in seed round funding.

How do you qualify for the Renzo airdrop?

Renzo has yet to confirm its token or an airdrop, but given the protocol is rewarding early adopters with a points-based system currently, it looks likely there will be a Renzo airdrop at some point soon. To be eligible for the Renzo airdrop, you’ll likely need to use the protocol, which means connecting to the Renzo protocol using your wallet and restaking some ETH. It’s likely those with more ezPoints will qualify for a larger allocation of the airdrop. 

marginfi airdrop

Moving away from Ethereum, Solana offers its own DeFi protocols - one of which is marginfi. This is a lending protocol built on the Solana blockchain, and a popular option for investors looking to access leverage, raising more than $3 million so far. 

How do you qualify for the marginfi airdrop?

Marginfi has confirmed the team is looking at launching a governance token (MRGN), similar to AAVE or COMP, but the tokenomics are still under review, with the proposed breakdown as follows:

  • 1,000,000,000 MRGN Investors (vested tokens): 15%

  • Existing and future core contributors, milestones-based (vested tokens): 20%

  • Airdrop for the community: 10%

  • Community DAO reserves: 52.5%

  • Day 1 grant scheme for core needs: 2.5%

While nothing is confirmed yet, to be eligible to qualify for the marginfi airdrop, you’ll need to have used the protocol, whether that’s by lending or borrowing crypto. It’s likely when MRGN tokens are distributed, the number of tokens you receive in the airdrop will be based on your level of participation and the points you’ve collected on marginfi.

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Wormhole airdrop

Despite previously suffering from a large-scale exploit hack where thieves made off with more than $320 million, the team behind Wormhole protocol remains undeterred and has continued to raise a further $220 million from investors including Coinbase Ventures.

How do you qualify for the Wormhole airdrop?

Wormhole has confirmed the launch of its token, W, and an airdrop, as well as the eligibility criteria. 678,823,000 tokens will be airdropped across 400,000+ wallets that have previously interacted with the Wormhole protocol. Eligibility was determined by engagement and the length of engagement throughout the protocol’s lifespan. Check your eligibility on their site.

Symmetry airdrop

Symmetry is a decentralized index protocol for the Solana blockchain, allowing users to easily diversify their portfolio. The protocol is by far the largest on-chain asset management protocol for Solana with more than $7.2 million TVL.

How do you qualify for the Symmetry airdrop?

Symmetry hasn’t officially confirmed an airdrop yet, but due to the success and adoption of the platform, rumors are flying, and the SMF token has a listing on CoinMarketCap already despite not being announced officially yet. As with all airdrops, it’s likely that to be eligible, you’ll need to have used the Symmetry protocol. This means heading over to the site, connecting your Solana wallet, and making a transaction. There may be other factors at play in order to determine eligibility depending on demand, including the frequency of your transactions and the volume. 

LayerZero airdrop

LayerZero is a communication protocol built on Omnichain that employs Oracle technology to transfer information between different blockchain networks. The protocol raised more than $120 million in a Series B funding round.

How do you qualify for the LayerZero airdrop?

The ZRO token hasn’t launched yet, but it is listed on CoinMarketCap, leading many investors to speculate an airdrop is imminent. Without much else information, investors can increase the likelihood that they qualify for the LayerZero airdrop by getting engaged with the LayerZero communities on Telegram and Discord, as well as interacting with protocols built using LayerZero. 

But don’t forget the tax bill…

Yes, you read that right. Your crypto airdrop may just come with a tax bill. Airdrops can be subject to both Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax depending on where you live!

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