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Updated Feb 8, 2024
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5 Best Solana Wallets in 2024

If you're on the lookout for the best Solana wallet in 2024, you'll find a variety of options to consider, whether you plan to stake Solana, trade Solana tokens, or want the best Solana wallet for NFTs. Our guide provides an overview of 5 popular Solana wallets, giving you the necessary information to make an informed decision.

5 best Solana wallets

We’ve rounded up the best Solana wallets in 2024 for you to pick from based on key criteria. (Learn how we selected the top 5, here).

Key CriteriaBest Solana Wallets
Best for Solana stakingPhantom Wallet
Best for Solana DeFiSolflare
Best for hardware compatibilityExodus
Best for multiple chainsAtomic Wallet
Best for beginnersCoinbase Wallet

Best wallet for Solana staking: Phantom Wallet

Although we've picked it as the best wallet for Solana staking, Phantom Wallet is an excellent all-round Solana wallet and by far the most popular Solana wallet with more than 3 million users to date.

The non-custodial hot wallet is available on Android and iOS, as well as a browser extension for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and even Edge if you're still living in 2005.

With an incredibly user-friendly interface, the number of features available in Phantom Wallet might surprise you, including:

  • Solana staking: It's incredibly easy to stake SOL with Phantom, just select a validator and the tokens you want to stake. Learn more about Solana staking.

  • Hardware wallet integration: Phantom integrates with Ledger cold wallets to make sure your crypto is extra secure.

  • Solana NFTs: You have a whole section in Phantom wallet dedicated to your Solana NFTs and other collectibles.

  • Swap tokens: Phantom integrates with Raydium to swap hundreds of tokens in a couple of clicks.

  • SPL tokens: Phantom offers SPL token (Solana DeFi tokens) support, letting you explore a world of DeFi investment opportunities in the Solana ecosystem.

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Best wallet for Solana DeFi: Solflare

Developed by Solana Labs, Solflare was one of the earliest Solana wallets around and remains a popular option for Solana investors. Solflare is available as a browser extension on Chrome, as well as on iOS and Android.

Again, although we've highlighted Solflare as one of the best Solana wallets for DeFi investors, Solflare is an excellent wallet for all Solana investments, and supports:

  • SPL tokens & Solana DeFi: Solflare supports SPL tokens and DeFi protocols, so you can explore a whole world of DeFi investment opportunities from your browser or app.

  • Solana staking: You can stake SOL with Solflare too, either through the liquid SOL staking tab or the native SOL staking tab. Just choose how much you want to stake and how you want to stake.

  • Hardware wallet integration: Like Phantom, Solflare integrates with Ledger so you can add an extra layer of security for your crypto while being able to trade easily as well.

  • Solana NFTs: Got NFTs or other collectibles? Solflare supports all kinds of Solana collectibles so you can buy, sell, store, and trade from your wallet.

  • Swap tokens: Solflare integrates with popular dexes like Raydium to make swapping Solana tokens easy.

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Best for hardware compatibility: Exodus

Exodus isn’t a Solana exclusive wallet, but it’s an excellent option for those using Trezor hardware devices and investing in Solana as it integrates with both the Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T - meaning you can invest in Solana, with added security for your crypto.

And while it’s not a dedicated Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare, it can do almost everything a Solana-only wallet can do, including:

  • Swap tokens: Exodus is supported by most major decentralized exchanges either directly or using WalletConnect - including Solana’s Raydium, Ethereum’s Uniswap, and Binance Chain’s PancakeSwap.

  • Solana NFTs: The NFT Gallery in Exodus supports NFTs on Solana, Ethereum, and more.

  • Solana staking: Yep, you can even stake SOL with Exodus - just select earn rewards in your wallet and then start earning Solana to find the staking option.

  • Solana DeFi: You can use Exodus with a huge number of DeFi protocols, both within the Solana ecosystem and outside it on other blockchains to trade tokens, invest in liquidity pools, and more.

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Best for multiple chains: Atomic Wallet

If you’re looking to invest and trade on multiple blockchains including Solana with one wallet, Atomic Wallet is an excellent choice. Atomic supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies, giving investors a wealth of investment opportunities.

As well as this, Atomic offers some great features for Solana investors:

  • Swap tokens: You can use Atomic Wallet with most major decentralized exchanges, either by selecting connect your wallet and finding Atomic Wallet or using WalletConnect.

  • Solana NFTs: You can send and receive NFTs on the Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon blockchains using Atomic Wallet.

  • Solana staking: You can stake SOL and earn rewards with Atomic Wallet - just select staking and pick how much you'd like to stake.

  • Solana DeFi: Atomic Wallet works with many Solana DeFi protocols through WalletConnect, and you can explore other many other protocols and ecosystems on other blockchains including Ethereum and Binance Chain.

  • Hardware integration: Unfortunately, one of the only downsides of using Atomic Wallet is that it doesn’t (yet!) support hardware wallet integration with Ledger or Trezor devices.

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Best for beginners: Coinbase Wallet

If you’re totally new to investing in Solana or other cryptocurrencies, Coinbase Wallet is a great place to start. It supports all major blockchains and comes with an incredibly user-friendly interface to help simplify your first venture into DeFi. Despite the name, like all the other Solana wallets in this list, Coinbase is a non-custodial wallet, it was just created by one of the leading crypto companies, but you still own your keys and crypto.

Like all the other wallets in this list, Coinbase Wallet offers a bunch of features for investors, whether you’re sticking with Solana only, or venturing out into other blockchains:

  • Swap tokens: You can use Coinbase Wallet with all major decentralized exchanges, whether that’s Solana’s Raydium, Ethereum’s Sushiswap, or Binance Chain’s PancakeSwap.

  • Solana NFTs: Coinbase supports NFTs on many blockchains including Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and more.

  • Solana DeFi: Coinbase supports SPL tokens and most Solana DeFi protocols, as well as a huge number of DeFi protocols on other blockchains including Ethereum and Binance Chain.

  • Hardware integration: Coinbase integrates with Ledger devices to add another layer of security for your crypto.

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What happened to Sollet?

If you're already a Solana investor - you might notice a wallet missing from this list. Sollet was a very popular Solana wallet early on in the project, but shut down the site and app abruptly around the same time FTX collapsed. Following the project going offline, many fake scam websites have popped up claiming to be Sollet Wallet, so beware. If you had crypto with Sollet, you can use your Sollet seed phrase to import your wallet into another Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare.

What's the best Solana wallet app?

All of the Solana wallets we've mentioned above are available as apps on Android or iOS including Phantom Wallet, Solflare, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet - so the best Solana wallet app will depend on your specific investments. If you're only transacting with SOL and Solana tokens, then Phantom Wallet app or Solflare app may be the best Solana app for you, whereas if you have investments on multiple blockchains that you want to manage from a single wallet, Exodus Wallet, Atomic Wallet or Coinbase Wallet apps would all be suitable for your needs.

What's a Solana wallet adapter?

A Solana Wallet adapter is a library of modular Typescript wallet adapters for Solana apps. It's open source and available on GitHub thanks to the Solana Foundation team. It's helpful for developers looking to support multiple blockchains or projects.


What is the best Solana wallet?

Wondering what the best Solana wallet to use in 2024 is? There are a few factors you need to consider when you're making your choice, including:

  • Security: You need to use a secure wallet - and there are a number of known scams around the once popular Sollet wallet now, so always make sure you're only ever downloading reputable wallets, from the original site.

  • Features: From Solana NFTs to Solana staking to hardware compatibility, there are plenty of features you might want in your Solana wallet. That's why we've looked at each wallet's features in-depth to help you compare.

  • Interface: Not everyone knows how to get to grips with non-custodial wallets straight away and some wallets are better designed for user experience than others.

We’ve rounded up the best Solana wallets in 2024 for you to pick from based on all the criteria above.

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