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Updated Feb 13, 2024
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Best Crypto Exchanges in Germany 2024

Looking for the best crypto exchanges in Germany in 2024? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best crypto exchanges to research and compare fees, products, and more.

What are the best crypto exchanges in Germany?

ExchangeCryptocurrencies available*Fees*Payment methodKYC?
Coinbase2350% - 3.99% depending on transactionTransfer, Card, PayPal Yes
Bitpanda3001.49% Transfer, CardYes
Crypto.com3130% - 2.99% depending on transactionTransfer, Card, Crypto.com PayYes
Kraken2310.16% - 5% depending on transactionTransfer, CardYes
Bitstamp820.00% to 27% depending on transactionTransfer, CardYes
Coinmetro810% - 2% depending on transactionTransfer, CardYes
Bison270% (included in spread)Transfer, CardYes
Nexo700% (included in spread)Transfer, CardYes
eToro851% - 2% depending on transactionTransfer, Card, PayPal Yes


Coinbase is one of the largest crypto exchanges globally, with an excellent reputation with users of all experience levels.


  • Ideal for crypto newbies: Coinbase offers a seamless experience for novice investors, thanks to its intuitive user interface.

  • Highly compliant and secure: Upholding top-notch security standards, Coinbase is licensed by BaFin and adheres to German regulatory protocols.

  • Additional features: As well as being able to buy, sell, and trade crypto in a couple of clicks, Coinbase also offers staking, a Coinbase Card, and Learn and Earn. 


  • Higher fees: Coinbase has higher fees than many other exchanges, particularly if you’re purchasing crypto with a credit or debit card or staking crypto.

  • Customer service challenges: Coinbase’s TrustPilot score isn’t too favorable, although this is common across the industry.

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Bitpanda is headquartered in Austria and caters to more than 4 million European investors, including more experienced investors on One Trading (formerly Bitpanda Pro).


  • Easy interface: Bitpanda has a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for newcomers to crypto.

  • Compliance and security: Aligning with European laws and regulations, Bitpanda undergoes audits by external parties to ensure the safety of users' cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Diverse investments: In addition to cryptocurrencies, Bitpanda offers assets such as ETFs and stocks, broadening your investment opportunities.


  • Lack of advanced features: Compared to some crypto exchanges, Bitpanda has a smaller offering of crypto investment options, but this is remedied with its partner site, One Trading.

  • Fees: Bitpanda opts for a flat 1.49% fee for buying and selling crypto, which is higher than some other crypto exchanges that opt for a tiered maker-taker fee structure.

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Crypto.com is a global exchange that’s skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to a strong offering of cryptocurrencies and other products including staking, DeFi, and crypto cards.


  • User-friendly: Crypto.com prides itself on providing a seamless and intuitive platform suitable for both newcomers and seasoned traders alike.

  • Top-notch security: Security remains a top priority for Crypto.com, with robust measures in place to ensure the safety of users' assets.

  • Diverse trading: Catering to the needs of traders of all levels, Crypto.com offers a wide array of trading options, including spot, derivatives, and DeFi products.


  • Limited fiat support: Similar to some competitors, Crypto.com has limited support for fiat currencies, which might pose a challenge for users seeking a broader range of fiat-based trading pairs.

  • Regulatory considerations: Like many exchanges, Crypto.com operates within a regulatory landscape that demands attention and compliance. Staying abreast of evolving regulations is essential for both the exchange and its users.

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Kraken is another well-established global crypto exchange, with a range of products to suit all users. 


  • Established reputation: Kraken is recognized as one of the oldest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, with a generally positive reputation among the crypto community.

  • Strong security: Kraken implements various security measures to protect users' funds and personal information.

  • Fiat gateway: Kraken provides robust support for fiat currencies, allowing users to easily deposit and withdraw funds using traditional currencies.


  • Interface complexity: Kraken's platform may appear daunting to beginners due to its complex interface and advanced trading features.

  • Limited altcoin selection: While Kraken supports many popular cryptocurrencies, it may have a more limited selection of lesser-known altcoins compared to other global exchanges.

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Bitstamp, founded in 2011, stands out as one of the pioneering cryptocurrency exchanges globally, offering competitive fees and catering to novice traders.


  • Competitive fees: Bitstamp boasts low fees for investors, starting at 0.4% and decreasing with higher trading volumes.

  • Advanced trading features: Bitstamp provides advanced functionalities like limit orders and stop orders, empowering users with greater control over their trades.

  • Customer support: Bitstamp offers both live chat and phone-based customer support, ensuring users have access to assistance when needed.


  • Previous security incident: Despite its reputation as a trusted exchange, Bitstamp experienced a security breach in 2015, resulting in the loss of $5.2 million worth of Bitcoin for its customers.

  • Limited crypto selection: Compared to many of the other exchanges on this list, Bitstamp offers less than 100 cryptocurrencies to trade. 

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Bitcoin.De, a German-based exchange, prioritizes simplicity in Bitcoin trading and investment, catering to over 1 million customers across Europe.


  • Competitive fees: Bitcoin.De boasts low transaction fees ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%, offering cost-effective trading options for its users.

  • Security: Bitcoin.De employs robust security protocols, with 98% of customer funds stored in cold storage and all servers housed in highly secure data centers.

  • Highly compliant: As an exchange operating in Germany, Bitcoin.De is highly compliant with German laws and operational regulations.


  • Limited crypto and fiat selection: Due to its primary focus on Bitcoin, Bitcoin.De offers support for only 10 cryptocurrencies and EUR is the only fiat option, potentially limiting investment choices for users.

  • User interface: Bitcoin.De's interface may pose challenges for new investors, lacking the user-friendliness found in some other platforms.

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Coinmetro is headquartered in Estonia, but serves investors worldwide and is known for its competitive fees and features like copy trading.


  • User-friendly platform: Coinmetro's intuitive interface caters to both novice and seasoned investors.

  • Additional features: Coinmetro offers support for more advanced transactions, including margin trades and copy trading, allowing users to develop more sophisticated trading strategies.

  • Low fees: Coinmetro boasts minimal fees on its exchange, ranging from 0.0% to 0.1%, enabling cost-effective trading for its users.


  • Limited cryptocurrency selection: Coinmetro provides a narrower selection of cryptocurrencies compared to some other exchanges, with just over 80 cryptocurrencies available.

  • Previous security incident: In 2020, CoinMetro suffered a security breach. Only a small amount of PRQ tokens were stolen and customers were made whole. 

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Nexo, established in 2018 and headquartered in Switzerland, serves over 5 million global users and is particularly suited to investors looking for crypto lending and borrowing.


  • Crypto loans: Nexo is renowned for offering crypto loan products, allowing investors to borrow crypto, as well as loan crypto to earn interest. 

  • Competitive fees: Nexo Pro offers users access to relatively low fees, ranging from 0.3% to 0.4%.

  • Rewards: If you’re looking to earn passive income from crypto, Nexo lets investors maximize returns on holdings with a range of earn products. 


  • Limited crypto selection: Compared to other exchanges, Nexo offers a more limited selection of around 60 cryptocurrencies.

  • Regulatory challenges: While Nexo operates within the legal framework of the EU, it’s faced challenges from regulatory authorities in other countries. Notably, Nexo withdrew from the US market due to regulatory issues.


eToro is a global exchange and is particularly popular in Europe, not only for cryptocurrency trading, but also for a range of other investment opportunities.


  • User-friendly platform: eToro's platform is designed for both novice and experienced traders, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all users.

  • Diverse asset selection: eToro offers a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and more, providing opportunities for diversification.

  • Comprehensive features: eToro provides a comprehensive suite of features, including cryptocurrency trading, copy trading, and investment portfolios, catering to various investment strategies.


  • Fees: While eToro fees can be relatively higher compared to some other platforms, potentially impacting the overall cost of trading for users.

  • Limited transfers: eToro users are restricted in transferring cryptocurrencies to external wallets other than the eToro wallet initially.

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BISON, backed by the renowned Börse Stuttgart, offers a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience tailored for German investors.


  • Security: BISON ensures the security of user assets by leveraging GmbH, a subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart, as its custody provider. Additionally, all cryptocurrencies held on BISON are protected by crime insurance, bolstering investor confidence.

  • Competitive spread: While BISON operates without charging explicit fees, it earns revenue through a spread mechanism, maintaining a competitive edge in pricing for users.

  • Trading tools: BISON provides features such as charting tools, limit orders, and price alerts, enabling users to implement specific trading strategies.


  • Limited selection: BISON currently provides access to only 27 cryptocurrencies.

  • Fewer products: Compared to global exchanges, BISON lacks additional product offerings like staking, DeFi, and more.

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How to choose the best German crypto exchange

When selecting an exchange, there are several crucial factors to take into account:

  • User interface: Opt for an exchange with a user-friendly interface. Novice investors may prefer simplicity, while seasoned traders may seek advanced features.

  • Fees: Be mindful of the fees associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies. High fees can eat into your profits, particularly for frequent traders.

  • Crypto selection: Evaluate the range of cryptocurrencies offered by the exchange. Some investors may focus on a select few, while others may require access to a diverse array of tokens.

  • Security: Given the prevalence of hacks in the cryptocurrency space, prioritize exchanges with robust security measures. Research the exchange's security protocols before making a decision.

  • Regulatory compliance: Regulatory compliance is paramount. Ensure that the exchange adheres to relevant laws and regulations in your jurisdiction to mitigate legal risks.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a German crypto exchange that aligns with your needs and preferences.

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