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ETC Tax helps crypto entrepreneurs and investors with structuring their activities to achieve the best tax position for their cases.

ETC Tax is the ideal tax partner for crypto entrepreneurs and investors. They provide comprehensive advice on the structuring of your activities to ensure you achieve the best tax position possible.

ETC Tax, based out of Altrincham in Greater Manchester, England, has an expert team of advisors who provide specialist cryptocurrency advice and support with a range of tax services in relation to your cryptocurrency activity.

ETC Tax's advisers are crypto enthusiasts and they really understand the crypto space. The founder is the author of the UK’s leading book on taxation of crypto assets in the UK with Claritax publishers.

They can provide specialised advice on forming corporate structures and groups, claiming research and development relief, as well as advising on VAT for crypto services. They are also able to complete self-assessment returns for a joined-up service.

Whether you are just getting started or have been investing in cryptocurrency for several years, ETC Tax provides bespoke advice to support you to achieve your objectives in a tax-efficient manner.

They are actively involved in ensuring tax compliance, planning for future liabilities, and reviewing complex and unique cryptocurrency cases. Having a tax specialist who is experienced with the issues relating to cryptocurrency businesses, traders and investors can offer you peace of mind.

If you’ve been investing in crypto for some time, ETC Tax can ensure that your affairs are structured properly, are compliant with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and can help resolve any HMRC investigations, allowing you to focus on your business and investments.

Also for long-term crypto investors, ETC Tax can provide comprehensive tax support with the disclosure of historic crypto tax liabilities. Being in regular contact with the internal departments at HMRC, ETC Tax is well versed in the practice and policy towards historic disclosures and have significant experience in this area.

Alternatively, if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency there is an ideal opportunity to ensure that the tax treatment of the way you invest in crypto is properly considered from the outset.

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