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Crypto tax in Italy is still up in the air and isn't always straightforward. Both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax apply to crypto in Italy and you are required to report any capital gains or income earned in your annual tax return. But calculating each taxable transaction and ensuring you've reported it correctly in your lodgment is not always easy for busy investors - especially if you want to avoid the MEF's steep penalties. Thankfully, with your crypto tax report from Koinly, and backup from a top Italian crypto accountant, your crypto reporting is in good hands. Browse our directory to find crypto tax professionals in Italy. We only list CPAs, crypto accountants and attorneys who are well versed in cryptocurrency trading, mining and other forms of crypto income.

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CountDeFi specialize in global technical DeFi crypto tax reporting. Well versed in IDO, Staking, Liquidity Pools, Bridged Transactions, NFTs and all the other troublesome DeFi transactions.
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Accounting Bolla

Accounting Bolla is your to go accounting firm to help you report your crypto assets, avoiding hefty fines and ensuring the required level of compliance.
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Studio Dott. Giorgio D'Amico

Crypto Tax reporting in Italy can be complicated. We can sort it out for you, and provide all forms ready for filing, or even file them for you.

StudioME Cryptoasset &Tasse

The crypto tax issue in Italy is complex; since 2017 StudioME Cryptoasset & Tasse has been helping individuals and businesses to keep up to date. Led by CPA Massimo Esposito, StudioME is one of the ve…