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How to Connect ZilPay and Koinly

How it works

The first (and usually only) thing you'll need to do for your ZilPay taxes is connect Koinly and ZilPay. You've got a couple of options on how to do this:

  • ZilPay connects to Koinly via API. All you need to do is find your Zilliqa public address. You'll be able to locate this in your ZilPay wallet. Once you've found it just copy and paste this into Koinly when adding your ZilPay wallet and the ZilPay API will return all your ZilPay transaction history. Please note, if you're using multiple wallets to interact with the Zilliqa blockchain, you'll also need to add your public address for these wallets too to get your complete Zilliqa transaction history.
  • Alternatively, If you only have a few transactions and the above method is not possible for you, you can even add the transactions one by one via Koinly's web interface.

Last updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2023

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