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How to Connect Netcoins and Koinly

How to connect Netcoins with Koinly

Netcoins is a popular Canadian crypto exchange that lets investors buy, sell and trade popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LTC and USDT. Whatever your Netcoins investments, Koinly can help you calculate and report your crypto taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency. You just need a CSV file of your Netcoins transaction history - here's how.

How to connect Netcoins to Koinly via CSV

On Netcoins

  1. Log in to Netcoins.
  2. Select the cog icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select my documents.
  4. Under show, select transactions.
  5. Under date range, select all time.
  6. Under transaction type, check all boxes.
  7. Under asset type, select all assets or the relevant assets to you.
  8. Select export.
  9. In the pop-up window, under type, select Koinly.
  10. Select export.

On Koinly

  1. Sign up or login into Koinly and head to wallets.
  2. Add a new wallet: Netcoins.
  3. Select import from file.
  4. Upload your CSV file.

Good to know
Remember, you'll need your complete Netcoins transaction history - so make sure to select all time when generating your CSV file. This ensures Koinly can identify the cost basis of your crypto correctly and calculate your subsequent capital gains or losses accurately.

How do I check if my Netcoins import is accurate?

Problem with your Netcoins CSV file? We've got help - and lots of it!

It's really helpful to use our Getting Started Guide before reviewing your transactions. This can help you identify and resolve any issues in no time at all.