Preparing Your Exmo Taxes

Learn how to export your Exmo trading data for tax purposes

API Import CSV File Import

How It Works

Getting your Exmo taxes done is quite easy with Koinly. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Login to Exmo and go to the Settings tab

exmo step 1

2. Click on the "API" tab

exmo step 2

3. Click on Generate API Key

exmo step 3

4. Pick a name for the API key, for ex. Koinly

exmo step 4

5. Copy your Public key and Secret key. Exmo will send you an email with the activation link for the API key, make sure you click on that before proceeding.

exmo step 5

6. Go to the Wallets page on Koinly and click on Add Wallet, then search for Exmo and click on the Setup auto-sync option.

exmo step 6

7. Now enter the Public and Secret key that you copied in step 5 and hit the Secure Import button.

exmo step 7

8. All done!