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How to Connect D'Cent and Koinly

How to Connect D'Cent Wallet and Koinly

D'Cent Wallet is a hardware wallet that supports more than 2,000 different coins and tokens, with enhanced protection for the highest security. Whatever you D'Cent investments, Koinly can help with your taxes, just connect using your public address... here's how it works.

How to connect D'Cent Wallet to Koinly via API

You'll need to get your wallet address for each blockchain you interact with using D'Cent Wallet - for example ETH, ADA and AVAX. The instructions will be similar for each:

On D'Cent Wallet

  1. Open the D'Cent app.
  2. On the my wallet page, select the account you'd like to connect - for example, Ethereum.
  3. Select receive.
  4. Select copy under your public address.

On Koinly

  1. Log in to Koinly and go to the wallets page.
  2. Select add new wallet.
  3. Search for D'Cent.
  4. Select set up auto sync.
  5. Select connect blockchains.
  6. Search for the blockchain you'd like to connect and select it - for example, Ethereum.
  7. Paste your public address address from D'Cent.
  8. Select import.

Good to know
There are some blockchains - like BTC - where you'll need your xpub key to connect to Koinly instead. You can find more information on how to export your xpub key here.

How do I check if my D'Cent Wallet import is accurate?

Issues connecting D'Cent and Koinly? No problem, here's where you can find help:

It's really helpful to use our Getting Started Guide before reviewing your transactions. This can help you identify and resolve any issues in no time at all.