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How to Connect Coinmama and Koinly

How to connect Coinmama with Koinly

Coinmama is a user-friendly crypto exchange where you can buy and sell crypto, offering a tiered fee structure that reduces the more active an investor you are. Whatever your Coinmama investments, Koinly can help with your crypto taxes. All you need is a CSV file of your Coinmama transaction history.

How to connect Coinmama to Koinly via CSV

On Coinmama

  1. Log in to Coinmama and navigate to where your transaction history or statements are kept.
  2. Generate or download your statement as a CSV file. 
  3. Head over to Koinly.

On Koinly

  1. Sign up or login into Koinly and head to wallets.
  2. Add a new wallet: Coinmama.
  3. Select import from file.
  4. Upload your CSV file(s).

How do I troubleshoot my Coinmama integration to Koinly?

Problems with your Coinmama CSV file upload? No worries: