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How to Connect Bottlepay with Koinly

How to connect Bottlepay with Koinly

Bottlepay is a UK-based based crypto app available across Europe that lets you send, receive and store Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. Whatever your transactions - Koinly can help with your crypto taxes. All you need is your Bottlepay CSV file. Here's how.

How to connect Bottlepay to Koinly via CSV

On Bottlepay

  1. Log in to your Bottlepay app.
  2. Select the settings icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. Under transactions, select generate statements.
  4. Select all accounts.
  5. Select your date range. This should cover the entire period you've been using Bottlepay as Koinly needs your complete transaction history.
  6. Select .CSV.
  7. Select download as a CSV once your statement is generated.

On Koinly

  1. Sign up or login into Koinly and head to the wallets page.
  2. Add a new wallet: Bottlepay.
  3. Select import from file.
  4. Upload all of your CSV file(s).

How do I troubleshoot my Bottlepay integration to Koinly?

Something still doesn’t look right on your Bottlepay data import? No worries - there’s plenty of help available: