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How to Connect Airgap and Koinly

How to connect Airgap with Koinly

Airgap is a mobile wallet that supports a great variety of popular tokens, including ATOM, XTZ, ETH and many more. The wallet offers enhanced security by utilizing a secondary app - Airgap vault, which stores your private key separately, on an entirely different device if you want. Whatever your investments with Airgap, Koinly can help you when it comes to the tax deadline. Koinly connects with Airgap via API or by uploading a CSV file. Here's how.

How to connect Airgap to Koinly via API

You'll need to get your wallet address for each blockchain you interact with from the Airgap wallet app - for example Cosmos, Tezos and Ethereum. The instructions will be similar for each.

On the Airgap Wallet App

  1. Open your Airgap wallet app.
  2. On the accounts page, select the account you want to connect to Koinly. For example - ATOM or XTZ.
  3. On the next page, select the three dot icon in the top left.
  4. From the drop down menu, select copy address.
  5. Head over to Koinly.

On Koinly

  1. Log in to Koinly and go to the wallets page.
  2. Select add new wallet: Airgap Wallet.
  3. Select set up auto sync.
  4. Search for the blockchain you're connecting - for example, Cosmos or Tezos.
  5. Select the relevant blockchain.
  6. Paste your Airgap wallet address.
  7. Select import.

Good to know
If you use your Airgap wallet to interact with multiple blockchains, you'll need to repeat the steps above for every blockchain you interact with via Airgap wallet and add all these to Koinly.

How to connect Airgap to Koinly via CSV

You can't export a CSV file from Airgap wallet directly, but you can create a custom CSV file and upload this to Koinly if you prefer not to use the API import method.

On Koinly

  1. Sign up or login into Koinly and head to wallets
  2. Add a new wallet: Airgap Wallet
  3. Select import from file
  4. Upload your CSV file(s)

Good to know
In most countries, staking rewards are taxed as income. It's a good idea to double check your staking rewards are tagged correctly for your country’s tax rules.

How do I check if my Airgap wallet import is accurate?

Don't worry if you're having an issue with your Airgap data import - we've got lots of help resources:

  • Go to to our help forum to see if any of our guides have the answers.
  • Head over to our discussion boards - someone else might have fixed the same problem already.
  • Chat with us on social media - we’re on Twitter and Reddit.
  • Contact us on email or live chat. 

It's really helpful to use our Getting Started Guide before reviewing your transactions. This can help you identify and resolve any issues in no time at all.