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Crypto tax in Canada is not all that straightforward. Both Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax apply to crypto in Canada and you'll need to report any capital gains or income in your annual tax return. But tracking each taxable transaction manually and reporting your gains is hard work for busy investors - and the CRA's penalties are tough. Thankfully, with your CRA crypto tax report from Koinly, and backup from a top Canadian crypto accountant, your crypto reporting is in good hands. Browse our directory to find crypto tax professionals in Ontario, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and beyond!

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Aurum FSG

Aurum FSG is a global crypto, NFT, DeFi & blockchain accounting firm with tax expertise around the world.
CountDeFi logo


CountDeFi specialize in global technical DeFi crypto tax reporting. Well versed in IDO, Staking, Liquidity Pools, Bridged Transactions, NFTs and all the other troublesome DeFi transactions.
Crypto Tax Made Easy logo

Crypto Tax Made Easy

Crypto Tax Made Easy helps crypto investors take the stress and overwhelm out of crypto taxes. They provide done-for-you services to clean up and categorize all of your Koinly transactions to make sur…
1040Abroad Logo

1040 Abroad

1040 Abroad helps Americans overseas file their U.S. tax returns & catch up with late taxes using IRS amnesty programs & financial strategies to save money.
786 Accounting logo

786 Accounting

786 Accounting is a multiple time Award Winning CPA firm and Saskatchewan first cloud based CPA firm serving clients all over Canada.

Adam Caithness Professional Corporation

Welcome to, where financial expertise meets the world of cryptocurrency. As a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA), this firm specializes in navigating the complexities of cryptocu…
Baker Tilly SNT logo

Baker Tilly SNT

Baker Tilly SNT has been in public practice providing bilingual professional accounting and consulting services to Northern Ontario businesses for over sixty years. As a regional professional services…
BeanPros Logo


BeanPros was established in 2023 and is based in Calgary, Alberta. They specialize in crypto reporting and demystifying the taxation on cryptocurrency transactions. Their simple approach will leave yo…
Beauregard Accounting Inc. logo

Beauregard Accounting Inc.

At Beauregard Accounting Inc. we get to know our clients and their unique tax situation. Our tax experts are always upgrading their skills. We have consultants that are crypto ninjas and have years of…
Bitcounts Inc. logo

Bitcounts Inc.

Bitcounts is a multinational crypto accounting firm with deep expertise in cryptocurrency taxation and blockchain accounting having offices in the US, Canada, and India.
BitNine Advisors logo

BitNine Advisors

BitNine Advisors (a unit of Onestop Finsol), since 2011, has been assisting global clients to set up and streamline the accounting and finance processes. Fascinating interest in technology led the fir…
CapexCPA logo


We founded Capex CPA in 2015 to be the Firm of the Future. Technology is in our DNA. We understand blockchain technology and the unique changing dynamics of the Crypto and NFT space.
CFO + Co Logo


Welcome to CFO+CO, where finance expertise meets innovative solutions!
Crypto Records Inc logo

Crypto Records Inc

Crypto Records Inc, based in Southeast Manitoba, Canada, offers comprehensive crypto bookkeeping services and integration of crypto bookkeeping into business activities, partnering with accountants ac…
Davis Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation logo

Davis Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation

Davis Accounting & Tax Professional Corporation are a remote tax firm (based in Alberta), serving Canadian individuals and small business.
Debits & Credits inc logo

Debits & Credits inc

Being an accountant in Calgary, Debits & Credits inc does accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes for small businesses. Email: [email protected]
Deixis logo


Deixis is a Canadian accounting firm specializing in crypto tax and accounting services for Canadian investors.
Forte Innovations logo

Forte Innovations

Forte Innovations is Canada's best Vancouver-based back-office firm that provides crypto tax accounting, bookkeeping, Controller and CFO services.
Gautron Management Services Inc. logo

Gautron Management Services Inc.

GMS has been evolving since the early 90’s offering various services. Our services now included U.S. tax return preparation and Canadian tax returns, as well as tax and crypto consultations.
Giacomo Meggetto, CPA logo

Giacomo Meggetto, CPA

Giacomo Meggetto is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 35 years of tax experience.
LedgerLogic Logo


LedgerLogic is a cloud accounting firm providing full-cycle accounting services as well as tax compliance and advisory services. Our focus is providing accounting solutions using the latest technology…
MetaCounts logo


MetaCounts is Canada’s premier crypto specializing accounting firm and have helped numerous crypto investors figure out what needs to go on their tax return.
Metrics Logo

Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting

Metrics Chartered Professional Accounting are CPAs who specialize in digital assets, especially crypto tax, as well as educators for CPAs and professional associations throughout North America.
MyBookly logo


We are a turnkey accounting and bookkeeping practice that offers a full spectrum of financial services that meet your needs. From personal to corporate taxes, daily bookkeeping with monthly or quarter…
Nexoa CPA logo

Nexoa CPA

As Your Outsourced CFO, we'll help you navigate complex cross-border transactions, tax compliance and alleviate audit or bookkeeping requirements. We can help you turn your business around.
Prasad & Company LLP logo

Prasad & Company LLP

Leading mid-sized accounting firm helping our clients keep more of their hard-earned money through clever tax planning and strategy. Our team of tax and accounting experts will scour the intricacies o…
Richard Kosick & Company logo

Richard Kosick & Company

Our accountants have considerable professional experience in giving timely expert financial advice to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses. Richard Kosick offers convenient, accurate income …
RMI LLP logo


RMI LLP, your go-to small business accounting firm, provides companies and individuals with professional accounting and tax services in Calgary and the area.
Rodina Professional Corporation logo

Rodina Professional Corporation

Calculating taxes on Crypto can difficult. Understanding the changing landscape of taxes and Crypto can be even more daunting. As an enthusiast and Accountant, Rodina Professional Corporation helps yo…
Tax Partners logo

Tax Partners

Tax Partners has been in business for over 39+ years. We are the first blockchain accountants in Canada and have been working with a lot of different companies from the Co-founder of Ethereum, to bitc…


Helping Individuals & Corporation's get the Maximum Benefits of Tax Savings and Keep Wealth Email: [email protected]
Token Expert Logo

Token Expert

Token Expert is a CPA firm that provides tailored tax solutions for both individuals and businesses operating within the digital asset sector.
TSB Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. logo

TSB Chartered Professional Accountant Inc.

TSB Chartered Professional Accountant Inc. is an innovative Canadian accounting firm specialized in providing exceptional accounting, taxation, and consulting services to individuals and corporations …
Watterson Financial Solutions Inc. logo

Watterson Financial Solutions Inc.

Watterson Financial Solution Inc. is a next-generation Financial, Business and IT consulting company with a clientele distributed worldwide. At Watterson Financial Solution Inc., we help you cope with…