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What's the biggest difference between Koinly and CoinTracker?

The biggest difference between Koinly and CoinTracker is outstanding support.

You can see this if you read our TrustPilot reviews.

At Koinly, we value our users and will always go the extra mile to ensure that you are delighted with the support you receive.

Our reports are accurate and the software is easy to use, but if you need support, we are here to help.

Top 4 reasons why Koinly is the best CoinTracker alternative

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 4.8 Stars

At Koinly, we delight our users with fast support and an excellent product. That is why we’re consistently the highest rated crypto tax software on Trustpilot.

🔌 700+ Integrations

Koinly has 700+ integrations including 350+ integrations, 90+ wallets, 150+ blockchains, and 20+ services, whereas CoinTracker only claims to have 300+.

🤑 Value for Money

Koinly gives you more for less, with a generous free plan that allows 10,000 transactions, support for over 700+ integrations, and a free taxable income preview.

🧠 Pro Features

Koinly supports 20 countries with complete crypto tax reports. CoinTracker only offers 4 main reports - summary, capital gains and margin trades report.


See why investors like you switch from CoinTracker to Koinly

See it for yourself! Check out our reviews on TrustPilot.

"By far the best tools I ever used to track my cryptos and the taxes reports it generates are 10 times better than the solution I used before for half the price. I don't think I will ever need to look for another tracker/taxes assistant."

5 stars
Rodolphe Rambaud Estonia

"I tried Koinly after comparing it to the other apps out there and trying CoinLedger. This was so much easier to integrate with external wallets and prices were good. Also the reports were very detailed unlike the other wallets. "

5 stars
Jmocha Australia

"I’ve used CoinLedger, TokenTax, and Taxbit. Koinly was my favorite. It figures out the transactions better in my opinion with transfers and preventing duplicate transactions AND at a lower price. Sticking with Koinly."

5 stars
K C United States

23,000+ cryptocurrencies

Add transactions for any alt and crapcoin that ever existed.

10+ years of prices

Historical crypto and fiat spot prices to ensure your costs are correct.

170+ blockchains

Auto-syncs transactions from BTC, ETH, SOL & others

400+ exchanges

Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex & more

100+ wallets

Uphold, Ledger, Trezor, Bread, Exodus, Metamask etc

30+ services

Nexo, BlockFi, Paxful, NiceHash, & others


Koinly offers next level customer support

At Koinly, we are here to help, even on the free plan. Compare that with CoinTracker, who will only offer their forum as support until you pay to get email support, or pay even more to get concierge support.

On top of that, we're big on helping our users with excellent guides on all things crypto tax. Koinly's YouTube channel features over 120 video tutorials and we offer a fantastic help section and forum, stacked with more than 2,000 help articles that will answer most of your crypto tax questions.

Amazing support is one of the main reasons crypto investors switch to Koinly from CoinTracker. So if you're looking for a stress-free experience, come join us!

Koinly has over 1000 5-star reviews on TrustPilot

Koinly supports more than 700+ integrations

Do you dread having to go through all your crypto accounts to find detailed transaction records? Do you hate trying to piece it all together in a single, massive spreadsheet? Well, there's a better way! Koinly connects with more than 700+ exchanges, wallets, and blockchains to pull all your trades into one place. Koinly supports every platform, including Binance, CoinJar, CoinSpot, Digital Surge, KuCoin, Swyftx, and hundreds more.

Koinly Features - Add Crypto Wallets

Koinly’s generous free plan will get you started!

When it comes to crypto tax software, there's really only one clear choice: Koinly. Not only does Koinly offer 10,000 transactions on their free plan (as opposed to CoinTracker's 25), but we also support DeFi, margin trades, and futures. In other words, Koinly is the superior choice for anyone looking for the best free crypto tax software. To top it all off, there's no credit card required to access all of Koinly's features! So if you're looking for a hassle-free way to analyse your crypto trading, look no further than Koinly's free plan.

Koinly Features - Free Crypto Tax Preview

Koinly offers you tools to deal with yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and tokens

Crypto trading is constantly evolving and getting better, and Koinly is right there at every milestone, crunching the numbers to figure out the tax implications. So whether you're providing liquidity on Uniswap or staking CAKE on PancakeSwap - Koinly can handle it. That, and whatever comes next. 

While CoinTracker will require you to upgrade your plan to support margin trades and DeFi, Koinly offers this from the beginning for free, as well as support for futures, forks and lending. In short, if you're serious about crypto trading, Koinly is the best option out there - bar none.

Koinly offers you tools to deal with yield farming, liquidity mining, staking and tokens

Koinly supports 20+ countries with compliant tax reports

Crypto investors everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief - Koinly is here to make tax time a whole lot easier! We offer complete tax reports for 20+ countries, covering all the critical requirements that tax authorities demand. And for those of you in countries with really specific reporting requirements, we've got you covered too. So whether you're in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland or Switzerland, we're here for you at tax time. Meanwhile, CoinTracker only supports 4 English-speaking countries.

Koinly Features - Download Tax Report

Koinly supports your accountant too

Koinly also provides an amazingly simple way to connect your accountant to your crypto tax records. Simply send your accountant an invite to view your records directly in Koinly without having to download and email tons of documents. 

If you’re searching for a qualified accountant to help you do your crypto taxes, check out the Koinly directory of crypto tax accountants, with listings covering 16+ countries! With Koinly, getting your crypto taxes done professionally has never been simpler!

Koinly Features - View Your Holdings

Ready to sort your crypto taxes accurately?

Get started with the world's #1 crypto tax software for free, today. No credit card required.

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