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30 Auckland Street Bonnyrigg Heights, 2177, Australia
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Southwest Taxation Services has been providing honest, reliable, and understandable income tax & BAS services for over 20 years. Nestled in the southwestern suburbs of Sydney Australia, Southwest Taxation Services represents the community that it is part of, representing clients from all walks of life. Managing income tax returns for all: from individuals & couples to companies & sole traders.

Nizam Dean, Southwest Taxation Services principal accountant, is a registered Tax & BAS Agent with the Australian Taxation Office and has been practicing for over two decades.

Having a trusted accountant is essential when taxation law and concessions are in a state of constant flux – particularly when it comes to cryptocurrency. ATO Tax rules can change depending on the current state of the Australian economy, as well as political party policy.

Southwest Taxation Services ensures that your business and/or household leverage applicable taxation benefits in the most effective and efficient manner possible. That's the job of a professional accountant. Whether it be tax breaks for business expenses, or household assistance for childcare, Southwest Taxation Services’ clients take full advantage of its tax advice, and you should too.

Income tax returns can be a daunting exercise for most people, and companies too. And that’s before you introduce the complexities that come with crypto tax.

What’s the key challenge for most individuals? Knowing how they can and can't claim taxable deductions?

The truth is you shouldn’t don't need to. That's what professional accountants are for. Nizam Dean keeps himself up to date with yearly changes and regular updates from the ATO. Nizam Dean is also a member of The Tax Institute which also ensures industry news and tips are conveyed directly to its customers, which helps plan and budget for the future of your personal or business finances.

Southwest Taxation Services ensures you won’t miss out on any crucial tax deductions, saving you a lot of money.

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