Gordon Tax

4709 Golf Road, Suite 1100, Skokie, IL


Since 2014, Gordon Tax, led by a CPA and tax attorney focusing on crypto tax, has provided industry-leading expertise for retail investors, whales, crypto businesses, and more.

Fuelled by a passion for blockchain technology, their team has prepared more than 1,600 crypto tax reports, making it easier than ever to file accurately and save on taxes.

Gordon Tax offers a full range of crypto accounting and CPA services, including tax filing, bookkeeping, GAAP-compliant accounting, and tax planning services. They are happy to work with existing accountants and accept payments in cryptocurrency. With specialties in mining, staking, DeFi, bot trading, and NFTs, Gordon Tax ensures that taxes don’t get in the way of building a better future.

Their easy filing process and expert guidance help clients keep more of what’s theirs, making them the trusted choice for those seeking to navigate the complexities of crypto taxes with confidence.

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