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Giacomo Meggetto is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 35 years of tax experience.

Giacomo Meggetto is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 35 years of tax experience. He is an evidence-based decision-maker whose areas of expertise include forensic accounting, account reconciliation, tax preparation, and business management.

Based in Vaughan, Canada, Giacomo has extensive tax experience having worked in various roles across several divisions of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), including Collections, Audit and Criminal Investigations. Giacomo has a wealth of technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the CRA’s practices which he uses to help individuals and businesses with their tax issues.

He provides a wide range of services including compilation, review of financial statements, corporate and personal taxation and tax planning, bookkeeping, HST and payroll filings and business consulting and assistance in deciding on whether your business should be incorporated.

Giacomo's priority is to provide high-quality services in a timely and comprehensive manner, including a full range of accurate financial reporting and analysis.

Being an essential element of the tax preparation process, Giacomo ensures the taxation and tax planning services he provides are comprehensive.

Specializing in personal and corporate tax, by partnering with him you give yourself back valuable time to focus on operating your business. You will be comfortable knowing that your tax needs are being met throughout the year.

With previous experience working with the CRA, Giacomo can provide comprehensive assistance with your taxation queries.

The CRA enforces tax compliance in Canada and it can often be stressful when you are contacted by the CRA because it could potentially lead to large reassessments. To solve your tax problems or resolve a dispute, you need a professional with extensive knowledge of tax legislation and CRA practices.

Giacomo has extensive experience in how the tax agency works. He can help with CRA audit queries as he can interpret and understand the CRA’s approach and position in a specific audit, collection action, and/or criminal investigation. He can then review and prepare your books accordingly and work on your behalf to defend your return to the CRA.

Specifically, Giacomo can identify key issues and any potential deficiencies, schedule and attend all audit appointments with an auditor, advise you on any problem areas in your tax return and explain the implications. Lastly, Giacomo can help establish the financial impact of an audit and negotiate a repayment plan that may be owed to the CRA.

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