Bitcoin tax reports that are compliant with local laws

Koinly can help you generate your crypto tax reports - no matter where you live. From the US to Scandinavia to Japan and every country in between.

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Crypto tax report calculation

Reliable & accurate cryptocurrency tax reports

Koinly is developed in close collaboration with tax firms around the world to ensure we comply with all the applicable tax laws as they relate to cryptocurrency.

  • Multiple cost-basis methods. Choose between FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, Average Cost, Share Pooling & Spec ID. Defaults to the recommended method in your home country
  • Universal or Wallet-based cost tracking. Keep track of your costs in a universal pool shared across all connected wallets or separately for each wallet
  • Smart transfer matching. Koinly uses AI to detect transfers between your own wallets and keep track of your original costs
  • Form 8949, Schedule D. For US taxpayers, Koinly can generate all the forms you need to file your crypto taxes

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Profit, loss & income
Capital gains summary

Capital gains & margin trading summary

Crypto transactions come with a ton of data - but what does the taxman actually need to see? Koinly's tax report summaries lightens the load with the specific figures needed for our tax return.

  • Use Koinly's financial year tax report feature to get a summary of your cryptocurrency taxable gains and losses
  • And, summaries of  crypto income including margin trades, options and futures
  • View the number of disposals, total proceeds and asset acquisition costs

Every asset accounted
Valuation report - End of year balances

End-of-year Valuation Report

Being audit-proof means having every crypto asset accounted for. Koinly's crypto tax report includes End of Year Balances, to clearly show you what your client's crypto holdings are at the end of their tax year.

  • View the value of their holdings along with their acquisition costs.
  • Better yet, let Koinly work out any necessary currency conversions for you - so that your client's report makes sense for the country their filing in.
  • Koinly connects to 400+ crypto exchanges and wallets so you can be sure each and every trade will make its way into your client's Koinly tax report.
Every taxable event
Capital gains disposal report example

Capital gains disposals report

How is your net capital gains and losses affected by their crypto investments? Koinly works with CPAs specializing in crypto worldwide to understand how crypto assets are taxed in each country.

  • Get a detailed report of all their long term and short term disposals.
  • Plus, see which pool they are selling assets from (if applicable) and more.
  • Based on your home country selection, Koinly will tally and summarize crypto capital gains and losses in a way that abides by local tax laws.
All your earnings
Income report

Crypto Income Report

Whether you're mining crypto in the Alps, or leveraging interest bearing crypto instruments poolside, Koinly can generate a statement showing all their crypto income. This includes income from:

  • Airdrops
  • Forks
  • Staking Rewards
  • DeFi
  • and other crypto income transactions.
Deductible expenses
Income and expense summary

Gifts, Donations & Losses Report

In most countries, gifting crypto is seen as a capital disposal, while donating crypto is typically tax free and lost or stolen crypto could count as a capital loss. It's easy to tag outgoing transactions to get a nicely formatted report. Koinly captures it all to give you an accurate picture of your tax position.

  • Gifted coins
  • Donated crypto to a registered charity
  • Lost crypto due to a hack or theft
Easily File online
Export to TurboTax, TaxACT, etc.

Export to TurboTax, TaxACT & Co

Do you use software and apps to do your tax? Koinly has you covered! Download your capital gains in a format that can be easily imported into online tax filing software. Koinly supports:

  • TurboTax Online (and CD/DVD)
  • TaxACT