Michelle Legge
By Michelle LeggeHead of Crypto Tax Education
Updated Mar 13, 2024
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NEAR and Koinly Team Up to Solve Crypto Tax Nightmare

Near Protocol lets developers build and launch decentralized apps using a network of computers. If you trade NEAR tokens, you might need to pay taxes on them. Koinly can help with that. With Koinly's partnership with NEAR, tracking your trades and figuring out your taxes is easier.

NEAR Protocol is an innovative platform that allows developers to easily create and deploy decentralized applications by utilizing a network of computers. For crypto investors trading NEAR tokens, it's important to be aware of potential tax liabilities. Koinly is a tool that can simplify this aspect for you. It helps track your NEAR token transactions, calculates any taxes owed, and aids in preparing your tax reports, ensuring that crypto investors stay compliant with tax regulations. Keeping a detailed log of every NEAR trade, including the fiat value on the day of the trade, can feel like a bit of a juggling act.

Enter Koinly, offering a friendly hand to take the stress out of tax season. It simplifies tracking gains, losses, and trade specifics, making tax reporting a smoother experience for NEAR users. To get started, users simply need to import their NEAR transactions into Koinly automatically.

You can easily link your NEAR account to Koinly using an API. This method automatically updates your transactions in Koinly, keeping your tax information current without manual effort.

API Connection

The API connection is straightforward. It simplifies syncing your NEAR transactions with Koinly, ensuring that your tax reports are accurate and up to date. This secure method means Koinly can only read your transaction data, without making any changes. All you need to do is add your public address to Koinly.

Less stress at tax time

The Koinly and NEAR partnership aims to make crypto tax reporting less complicated. By providing easy-to-use tools for integrating transaction data, this collaboration helps users manage their crypto finances more effectively, especially during tax season.

Learn more about how to connect NEAR to Koinly.

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