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Updated Mar 12, 2024
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Crypto Prices: Where to Find the Most Accurate Prices

Wondering where to find the latest crypto prices? We’ve got you covered in our crypto price guide including the best crypto price tracking sites in 2024.

What is crypto price?

Crypto price is the live price that a coin or token is currently trading for. As crypto markets are 24/7, live crypto prices can fluctuate considerably in a given day, or even hour, depending on market conditions.

Where can I find up to date crypto prices?

Want to find the Bitcoin price or the current Ethereum price?

As crypto prices on crypto exchanges can vary slightly, the best place to find the most accurate live crypto prices is on crypto price tracking sites. Some of the most widely used and trusted crypto price tracking sites are:

  • CoinMarketCap

  • CoinGecko

  • CoinDesk

  • CoinTelegraph

CoinMarketCap Prices

CoinMarketCap is a crypto price tracking site founded in 2013 that is now globally the most referenced price tracking site for crypto. As well as crypto prices, you’ll find a wealth of up-to-date information about exchanges, market sentiment, educational content, and more - making the site an invaluable resource for both newcomers to crypto and seasoned veterans.

CoinGecko Prices

CoinGecko is an independent crypto price tracking site founded in 2014 on a mission to empower readers with actionable crypto data. Alongside crypto prices for more than 12,000+ assets, you’ll find educational content, podcasts, and information about exchanges, including dexes and derivatives markets. The site is an excellent resource for those looking to start investing in crypto, as well as those looking to research specific projects. 

CoinDesk Prices

CoinDesk is primarily a crypto news site but also provides price data and indices for crypto. Launched in 2013, Coindesk is a leading source of news, analysis, and insights for enthusiasts, investors, and professionals in the crypto space. CoinDesk covers a wide range of topics, including market trends, regulatory developments, and innovations in blockchain technology. CoinDesk's comprehensive coverage and reputable journalism have made it a go-to resource for anyone looking to stay informed about crypto markets

CoinTelegraph Prices

CoinTelegraph is a global crypto news site, that covers all things blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralized finance. CoinTelegraph also provides crypto prices. Established in 2013, the platform covers a wide range of topics, including market trends, regulatory developments, technological innovations, and industry events. You can find live prices for popular cryptocurrencies - aggregated from the largest 27 crypto exchanges globally.

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What drives crypto prices?

Crypto prices are determined mostly by supply and demand - in other words, what someone is willing to pay for it. Crypto isn’t unique in this sense and many other assets like commodities and stocks are also valued based on supply and demand. There are a few outliers to this rule, for example, stablecoins, that are fixed at a given price (i.e. $1). 

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How are crypto prices calculated?

Price trackers calculate the live price of a given coin or token using the volume-weighted average of all market pair prices reported for a given crypto asset across multiple exchanges.

Are crypto prices the same on all exchanges?

No. You’ll see small discrepancies (or sometimes large discrepancies if something has gone wrong!) between crypto prices on different exchanges. You can use an exchange aggregator to help you find the best prices for your transaction.

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