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Updated May 28, 2024
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Cardano Staking: How to Use a Cardano Staking Tax Calculator

Staking ADA? It's vital you understand Cardano staking taxes if so. Learn how ADA rewards are taxed and how to use a Cardano staking tax calculator in our guide.

Cardano staking taxes

Do you pay taxes on Cardano staking? Yes. Cardano staking rewards are generally treated as income and subject to Income Tax upon receipt, based on the fair market value in your fiat currency. As well as this, if you later dispose of your ADA staking rewards by selling, swapping, or spending them, any profit may be subject to Capital Gains Tax.

There are some countries where staking rewards aren’t taxable in specific instances - like if you’re staking directly as part of a PoS consensus mechanism. Learn more about staking taxes in your country in our crypto tax guides.

Income Tax

In many countries, including the US, crypto staking rewards are regarded as taxable income at the time they are received in a given wallet.

So when you earn ADA through staking, the value of these rewards in USD is taxable income and should be reported as such in your tax return. The tax you’ll pay depends on your total annual income and Income Tax rate.

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Capital Gains Tax

If you later dispose of your Cardano staking rewards, for example, by selling, swapping, or spending them, and you make a profit as the value had increased since you received your staking rewards, you’ll be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax on this profit. The amount of tax you’ll pay depends on how long you’ve held the asset and your total annual income.

Conversely, if you disposed of your Cardano staking rewards and made a loss as the value had decreased since you received your staking rewards, this would be a capital loss and you’d be able to offset this against any gains to reduce your overall tax bill. 

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How to calculate Cardano staking taxes

There are two ways to calculate staking income from Cardano: with manual calculation or by utilizing a Cardano staking tax calculator like Koinly. Let’s look at both.

Manual calculation

To manually calculate your Cardano staking rewards value, there are three steps:

  1. Export a complete history of all staking rewards transactions

  2. Determine the fair market value of all rewards in your fiat currency on the day you received them

  3. Tally up the values to figure out your total additional income from staking

It’s a lot of work. While tools like blockchain explorers can help you in exporting your Cardano staking reward transaction history, the most time-consuming part is figuring out the fair market value every time you received ADA tokens. As the value of ADA fluctuates regularly, like all cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to use a reliable price tracking website with historical records to go back to each date you received ADA and figure out the fair market value.

Alternatively, there’s always option two… 

Use a Cardano staking tax calculator

A Cardano staking tax calculator (like Koinly!) can save you hours.

With Koinly, all you need to do is add your public Cardano address to Koinly. We’ve got steps on how to get your public address easily from all the most popular Cardano wallets. 

Once you’ve added your address, Koinly will automatically import your Cardano transaction history via API, including your Cardano staking rewards. Not only that, but Koinly will calculate the fair market value of your Cardano staking rewards in your chosen fiat currency. You can see an example of how Cardano staking rewards would look below in Koinly.

Cardano staking transactions in Koinly

Koinly also generates your free tax summary, where you can see your gains, losses, and income for the year. When it’s time to file, just upgrade to a paid plan from $49 to download your crypto tax reports to help you report your Cardano staking rewards.

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Koinly is a Cardano staking tax calculator

Koinly is a Cardano staking tax calculator that can help you quickly and easily calculate your Cardano staking rewards, according to your country’s crypto tax rules, and generate your crypto tax reports.

Best of all, Koinly’s totally free to sign up and try. You’ll only ever pay when you want to generate your crypto tax reports.

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