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Nomads Accounting is an accounting firm that specialises in cryptocurrency tax. Based in Methil, Scotland, they provide fast and accurate crypto tax calculations and reports to help you optimise your taxes in the most efficient way when working remotely.

Nomads offer personalised services which can be tailored to your individual needs, including a virtual chief financial officer, financial consulting and advisory services, strategy and operating model, accounting, and tax.

Founder, David Duffy, has been a Charted Management Accountant (CIMA, AICPA) for 11 years and holds an honours degree from a top-rated UK University in Accountancy and Corporate Finance. He also has more than 15 years of experience working in senior finance positions in several blue-chip companies.

Having a trusted partner when it comes to crypto taxes is important. Innovation in the area of cryptocurrency has led to changes, not just in terms of their tax treatment but also in how they are managed by investors. Cryptoassets are a generally new sort of resource, and there is a lot of room for confusion. Understanding crypto and how it is treated from a tax point of view is one of Nomad’s strengths.

The crypto-resources area is moving fast and continues to build momentum. The wording, kinds of coins, tokens, and exchanges can change. The duty treatment of crypto resources continues to evolve because of the fundamental innovation and the zones wherein crypto resources are utilized. Her Majesty's Revenue Commission (HRMC) is generally interested in all crypto activity but reviews each case’s use to determine how taxes should be calculated.

As a rule, people who hold crypto resources will be at risk of paying Capital Gains Tax when they sell their crypto resources.

On top of this, Nomads also provides Amazon Sellers Consulting, which includes: set up in new countries, end-to-end improvements, listing optimisation, pay-per-click optimisation, buying and selling amazon businesses, dealing with suppliers, logistics optimisation and competitive advantages and branding.

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