The Friendly Accountants

Arena Business Centre, 2 Holyrood Close, Poole, Dorset BH17 7SY


The Friendly Accountants have been working in the crypto space for nearly 10 years, making them one of the early adopters in the industry.

They were among the first to blog about the tax implications and liaised with HMRC about potential treatments, a distinction held by few firms outside the 'Big 4'. Their extensive experience includes assisting numerous businesses and individuals in navigating the uncertainties and confusion of this emerging market.

Business Description for Investors

The Friendly Accountants consider themselves leading experts in the field of crypto accounting. Their first client was a UK Bitcoin Exchange with a multi-million-pound turnover and complex business needs. This client needed a bespoke accounting solution to ensure compliance with HMRC. At that time, the public information about UK tax treatment of crypto was minimal, leading many to turn to The Friendly Accountants after finding other firms unable to help. This initial experience provided valuable insights and positioned them at the forefront of the developing market.

By early 2017, there was no clear guidance on how cryptocurrency might be taxed in the UK. The Friendly Accountants were among the first accountancy firms in the UK to address this topic and provide an online opinion.


  • One of the first UK accountancy firms to post online about crypto tax treatment, even before HMRC.

  • Active investors in crypto and crypto businesses, demonstrating alignment with the sector.

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