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115/243 Pyrmont Street Pyrmont, 2009, Australia


SPR Accounting Pty Ltd are the leading accounting firm in Pyrmont, providing quality accounting services to a diverse range of businesses and individuals since 2011.

SPR Accounting Pty Ltd is the leading accounting firm in Pyrmont, New South Wales, providing quality accounting services to a diverse range of businesses and individuals since 2011.

Specialising in small business tax, SPR Accounting has a varied client base, including building companies and employment agencies.

As an accounting team that wants to give its clients peace of mind, they partner with you by becoming part of your team and will work with you to achieve your goals. They provide straightforward solutions to your tax, accounting and bookkeeping issues.

Accounting services should not stop with your tax return and financial accounts. SPR Accounting strive to help you understand the financial and tax side of your business and help you achieve your goals.

Small businesses don’t just need an Accountant. They need someone they can talk to about their business, whether things are going well or badly. That is why SPR Accounting does not charge by the hour but by a yearly fee. They would rather help you identify problems early and not six months down the track. So they remove the need to worry about hourly costs adding up throughout the year.

Businesses can operate under a wide range of structures. They can be as simple as a sole trader or as complicated as a mixture of companies, trusts and partnerships. They can help you identify the best solution for you. If you are starting your business or have an issue in relation to growing, tax planning or managing your business better, with their wealth of experience, they’re ready to help.

Their comprehensive accounting service for Australian small businesses includes cryptocurrency tax, business setup and restructure, bookkeeping and bank reconciliations, payroll and STP compliance, quarterly or monthly management reports, BAS and IAS lodgements, annual financial accounts and tax returns, tax returns for directors of the company, fringe benefits tax, international dealings schedule, tax planning, budgeting and profit planning and annual strategy planning sessions.

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