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2E Accountants is a boutique accountancy firm based in London helping small businesses and private clients.

2E Accountants is a boutique accountancy firm based in London that services small businesses and private clients.

They provide unique, personalised services based on a tailored-service model as opposed to the traditional one-size fits all approach. Founder Riz Wasti developed the idea of creating accessible finance systems and procedures for organisations of all backgrounds and built the practice from there, building a team that could provide this expertise.

After ten years, the practice has grown to include a wide range of clients and a network of experts who can advise on all aspects of finance and tax.

2E Accountants believe that the main barrier to success for ambitious small businesses is the lack of access to financial expertise and in-house finance systems.

That’s why they provide the perfect tailored, integrated finance department; they act as your Finance Director, Financial Controller, Management Accountant, and Accounts Payable and Receivable, at the scale that suits your company.

Not to mention, they can be your regular Accountants, too, saving you time and money on your annual accounts and tax returns.

Additionally, 2E Accountants provide specialised crypto accounting services and are well versed in the tax obligations of crypto investments.

Crypto taxes can be difficult to understand on your own. According to Her Majesty’s Revenue Commission (HMRC), the UK tax implication of crypto is dependent on the nature and use of the crypto. It is understood, though, that most crypto transactions will either result in a gain or a loss for someone and therefore will have tax implications. It’s critical that you report both gains and losses on your tax return.

2E Accountants can provide the necessary advice on when and how much tax you will need to pay on your crypto activities. They can also advise on how you report crypto losses and how you can offset any losses against any profits you made during the tax year and therefore reduce your tax bill. You can also carry those losses forward and offset them against future gains.

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