How to Connect TaxScouts with Koinly

Learn how to do your crypto taxes with Koinly & TaxScouts in TaxScouts' step-by step-guide.

TaxScouts sorts your Self Assessment tax return for £149, all in. Every year, over 12 million people in the UK go through the ordeal of tax preparation. Over £20 billion in tax reliefs and refunds goes unclaimed, and huge sums are paid in late penalties every year. But TaxScouts wants to change this culture of stress and dread around tax filing.

They believe that sorting your taxes should be as easy as buying a pair of socks, but HMRC's jargon and hoops to jump through make the process unnecessarily complicated if you do it yourself. And if you choose to get professional help instead, you can end up spending through the roof for a simple service. That’s where TaxScouts comes in.

Sort your UK crypto taxes fast with Koinly and TaxScouts! Koinly members save 10% on all TaxScouts plans.

TaxScouts' certified accounting partners will sort your tax return, and your UTR registration or give you general tax advice - and it’s fast, at low cost, and all online. You just pay one flat fee for the service you need, no matter how complicated your situation. This is especially useful if you’re paying tax on crypto investments which can sometimes get complicated. In addition, they also have extensive on-site tools and resources to guide you through any confusion.

Whether you’re a crypto trader, a landlord, you earn foreign income, you earn over £100,000, or anything else, TaxScouts will get you sorted with no hidden fees, admin costs or add-ons.