How To File Your Robinhood Crypto Taxes With Koinly

Robinhood has added crypto wallets to its platform so that users can spend and trade their coins, whether it be Bitcoin or altcoins like Ethereum. One of the advantages Robinhood holds over other centralized exchanges like Binance and Gemini, is that it does not charge fees. This is likely because Robinhood is not a traditional crypto company - it made its name trading stocks. Up until 2022, you couldn't move your crypto on or off the Robinhood crypto exchange - however, Robinhood is now rolling out this option for users. Whatever your investments - doing your Robinhood crypto taxes with Koinly is easy.

API is in beta so may not be fully functional

Follow these steps to sync your Robinhood data automatically to Koinly:

  1. Log in to your Robinhood account
  2. Go to the API settings page
  3. Create a new api key for Koinly
  4. Make sure to give it permission to read your deposits/withdrawals/trades. Koinly does NOT need access to your funds so you should disable any fund management permissions.
  5. Copy your API key and API secret

On Koinly:

  1. Create a free account on Koinly
  2. Complete onboarding until you get to the Wallets page and find Robinhood in the list
  3. Select API > Paste the API keys you copied above in the appropriate box
  4. Hit Import and wait for Koinly to sync your data. This can take a few minutes
  5. Review your transactions on the Transactions page to ensure everything is tagged correctly and no missing data
  6. Go to the Tax Reports page to view your tax liability!
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Does Robinhood report crypto to the IRS?

Yes. Robinhood reports crypto to the IRS.

Anytime you're issued with a 1099-B (or any 1099 form), the IRS gets a copy too. Any user who sells crypto on the Robinhood platform will be issued a 1099-B form and the IRS will get the same form. This is why it's so important to report your crypto taxes accurately. You may receive more than one 1099 form from Robinhood if you're investing in properties other than crypto, like Robinhood securities. You'll be able to see any 1099 forms Robinhood has issued you in the tax documents section within your account.

How to file Robinhood taxes

You need to report any gains, losses, or income from your Robinhood crypto investments to the IRS as part of your annual tax return, before the April deadline. You'll report crypto gains and losses using Form 8949 & Schedule D, and additional income from crypto in Schedule 1 or Schedule C depending on your employment status. You may also use your Robinhood 1099-B form to report your crypto to the IRS, provided it is accurate.

Let's dive in...

How to report Robinhood on taxes

Robinhood works differently than most crypto exchanges - so you've got a couple of options for reporting your Robinhood taxes to the IRS:

  • You may be able to use your Consolidated 1099-B Form from Robinhood to file your Robinhood taxes. A word of warning though - often 1099-B forms don't work for crypto exchanges as they're unable to track the cost basis and disposals of deposited and withdrawn crypto assets. As of this year, Robinhood is no exception to this rule as you can now transfer crypto assets on and off the platform. This said, if you've kept your crypto on Robinhood and not moved it from or to other exchanges, your 1099-B form should be accurate for tax reporting purposes and you could report your Robinhood crypto taxes separately from your other crypto taxes for ease.

  • Alternatively, you can add your Robinhood transaction history to Koinly. Currently, Robinhood doesn't actually give users a means to export their transaction history as a CSV file, but you can create a custom CSV file of your Robinhood transaction history and upload it to Koinly - see more in our Robinhood help guide. If you pick this option, do not use your Robinhood 1099-B form for tax reporting.

  • If you have other investments, like stocks, on the Robinhood platform, you may receive other 1099 tax documents from Robinhood. You should report these investments to the IRS as required as well. You can find out more about how to access these tax documents on Robinhood.

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