How to do your Kaspa taxes with Koinly

Kaspa (KAS) employs a proof-of-work consensus model and integrates a blockDAG (Block Directed Acyclic Graph) framework. This design enables the simultaneous existence of multiple blocks, mitigating the challenge of high orphan rates commonly encountered in traditional blockchain systems. But if you're transacting with KAS, you might have a tax bill. Fortunately, Koinly can help, here's how.


Follow these steps to sync your Kaspa (KAS) data automatically to Koinly:

  1. Open your Kaspa (KAS) wallet app
  2. Locate and copy your public address or key

On Koinly:

  1. Create a free account on Koinly
  2. Complete onboarding until you get to the Wallets page and find Kaspa (KAS) in the list
  3. Select API > Paste the public address/key you copied above in the appropriate box
  4. Hit Import and wait for Koinly to sync your data. This can take a few minutes
  5. Review your transactions on the Transactions page to ensure everything is tagged correctly and no missing data
  6. Go to the Tax Reports page to view your tax liability!
Notes / Limitations

This integration can only sync one address at a time. Please create multiple wallets on Koinly if you have multiple Kaspa addresses

Having trouble connecting Kaspa (KAS) with Koinly?


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