How to Connect Coss with Koinly

Here's what you need to do

The first step is to download all your data from Coss and upload them into Koinly. There are a couple of ways you can do that:

API is in beta so may not be fully functional

Follow these steps to sync your Coss data automatically to Koinly:

  1. Log in to your Coss account
  2. Go to the API settings page
  3. Create a new api key for Koinly
  4. Make sure to give it permission to read your deposits/withdrawals/trades. Koinly does NOT need access to your funds so you should disable any fund management permissions.
  5. Copy your API key and API secret

On Koinly:

  1. Create a free account on Koinly
  2. Complete onboarding until you get to the Wallets page and find Coss in the list
  3. Select API > Paste the API keys you copied above in the appropriate box
  4. Hit Import and wait for Koinly to sync your data. This can take a few minutes
  5. Review your transactions on the Transactions page to ensure everything is tagged correctly and no missing data
  6. Go to the Tax Reports page to view your tax liability!
Having trouble connecting Coss with Koinly?