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Karia Accountants Ltd service small owner-managed businesses, landlords, contractors, and also crypto clients.

Karia Accountants Ltd services small owner-managed businesses, landlords, contractors, and also crypto clients.

Established in 2013, the founder and managing director of Karia Accountants Ltd, Hinal Karia, is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Tax Specialist.

Karia Accountants, based in Derby, England, help small owner-managed businesses with all aspects of their accountancy affairs, with a specialisation in providing services to Contractors, Landlords, Healthcare Locums and Small Businesses.

Self-employed taxpayers, company directors and taxpayers with complex tax affairs are usually required to submit a self-assessment tax return. Karia Accountants can prepare your tax return for you. They will also ensure that the return is completed with all relevant offsets, expenses, allowances and tax reliefs as necessary.

Karia Accountants also provide comprehensive VAT services. VAT was introduced into the UK in the early 1970’s as a “simple tax”. And in theory it is. Unfortunately, in practice, too often, it is subject to many uncertainties and requires extreme care in its application. Penalties are severe and certain types of business and property transactions require the most careful consideration. Karia Accountants can help with VAT Returns, Partial exemption, Customs, Planning & structuring VAT, Specialist sector VAT assistance and VAT disputes & appeals.

Lastly, Karia Accountants also provide assistance resolving any disagreements one may have with the Her majesty’s Revenue Commission (HMRC).

The HMRC can make enquiries to check that a return has been correctly completed within 12 months following the date the return was due or 12 months following the date the return was submitted, if later. No reason needs to be given for an enquiry nor does it mean that the return is incorrect.

If no enquiry is made by HMRC the return will not be subsequently examined except where the taxpayer makes an error or mistake claim or HMRC later discover that there was something wrong with the tax return. There are strict rules as to when HMRC can do this although taxpayers have less protection in this regard than used to be the case.

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