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A client's business life is a path of challenges and rewards right from the beginning. Peregrine Accountants & Business Services' philosophy is to share this journey with you.

Peregrine Accountants & Business Services is your trusted source for expert crypto tax return preparation.

With a team of qualified accountants, they can help any crypto investor - whether they are first starting to trade, are day traders, miners, or crypto entrepreneurs.

Based in Campbellfield – part of Greater Melbourne – in Australia, Peregrine Accountants act as your independent sounding board when it comes to all things taxation. They emphasise their comprehensive services and work with you to add value to your business, by helping you realise your ideas and helping you to share and overcome the challenges you encounter.

With a comprehensive range of taxation and business advisory services, Peregrine Accountants have the skills and experience to provide expert technical advice. Their team of accountants are proactive and focused on providing timely and cost-efficient business taxation and financial advisory services at all times. They endeavour to improve your profitability, minimise your tax liabilities, maximise your asset protection and increase your net wealth position.

When it comes to tax, Peregrine Accountants provide a variety of taxation advisory services ranging from business tax, employment tax and indirect tax. Keeping abreast of any Australian Taxation Office (ATO) updates, they also have a specialisation in cryptocurrency taxation.

Cryptocurrency taxes can be especially complex, the ATO requires investors to account for every single transaction. This can be an incredibly time-consuming process. A process that can be fraught with errors. This is where having a trusted partner like Peregrine Accountants can be very beneficial. The team at Peregrine Accountants can help you with your crypto tax calculations, and lodgement requirements all while ensuring that you remain tax compliant with the ATO. And most importantly, they’ll help you minimise the risk of any ATO penalties.

With the ATO cracking down on crypto tax evasion, you don’t want to risk unnecessary taxation penalties.

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