JASILL Accounting & Business

Independentei Street, Bucharest, 060042, Romania
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Acknowledged by clients for their skills, in-depth knowledge, and transparent and concise way of sharing information in a relatively opaque sector, JASILL has the necessary resources and specialization in all the areas related to accounting, auditing, tax consulting, human resources and payroll, reorganization, as well as the legal services provided by our partner law firm.
Strategic knowledge only becomes valuable when customers understand its usefulness through the benefits it generates. They are consultants who explain things coherently, clearly, and normally, always making sure that the recommendations they make are based on rigorous research and thorough checkups. Thus, customers are reassured that they receive the most appropriate and secure solutions from an accounting, tax, and legal perspective and are effectively integrated into the company’s business strategy. Moreover, clients in various fields rely on them for the personalized assistance and representation they offer in dealing with tax and employment authorities.
Email: [email protected]

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